Refashioned clothing inspiration…and homemade dressforms.

Some people just make me feel lame. But in a good way. Like there awesomeness makes up for my  lameness? Haha, ok, maybe a better word would be, these people inspire me to get up off my bum and do things.

1 person. She is in the middle of a project where she refashions a piece of clothing to wear, every day. For a year.

2 person. She has already finished her project, but browse through her forums for some magical inspiration. She only wore clothes that she had made (shoes and undies included!) for a year.

And, number 3, has anyone else who reads this blog gone through the old threadbanger forums on youtube obsessively? Or was it just me? (that, and indy mogul, would be my crack.) It would seem that a handy dandy gadget, when you’re getting into the whole sewing scene (especially sewing for yourself!) would be a dress form. And what you can make out of wood/fabric/plastic you can make out of duct tape. (okay, fine,  they use paper tape, but that’s ’cause they’re snobs.)

May the refashioning gods smile upon your needle, and give you the mercy of never having to lift the seam ripper.


P.S. I’m so making one of those dress forms when I get home. 🙂

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