The last day of summer.

I found the first fallen leaf yesterday. It was just lying there, looking perfectly asymmetrical, yellow and orange, a statement of the fact that life moves on, seasons change, AND THIS SUMMER WAS WAY TOO SHORT.

Alright, so technically autumn (a side note- ‘autumn’ beats ‘fall’ hollow.) looks like it’s going to start this year on the 23 (thankings for that information, ye olde google gods!) but try telling the weather that. I thought that as the last day of summer (or, at least the last day  that counts in my books.) I might as well go through my summer list and see what I’ve accomplished. (hopefully the end results aren’t going to be as disappointing as I’m fearing…)

Alright, so, here we go. How badly did I fail (or, um, not fail? Win even? Possibly with a little epic in there? I’m just pushing too hard now, aren’t I?) this summer?

No. 1. Get into the habit of daily devotions.

Um…sort of. More so than before. For a while there (like… a week. Well, let’s give myself some leeway, say a week and  half.) I was actually doing a devo every morning, and reading some proverbs every night, but recently that hasn’t been happening. Then again, recently I keep catching my self saying really female-dog-ish kinda things (my relatives read this blog. Keepin it clean, yo.) When I’m dealing with some constant stresses that have been bugging me this summer, so maybe there is a correlation? Or, maybe I just need to get more sleep.  (that could very possibly be it.)

1/2 a point.

Anywho, No. 2. Get into filming, editing, etc.

Fail. Complete fail. Let us move on from this. (although, really, I could argue that I don’t have my Ipod right now, haven’t for over a month, and no way to edit film even if I did, so it’s not quite so bad.)

-1/2 point.

No. 3. Dye my hair.

Oh, this happened alright. Not really sure what to award myself here though… I think we’ll go with…

1 point to me, -1000000 points from Garnier hair dye.

No. 4. Get some henna, and draw tattoos.

Failetty fail sauce. In my (very very slight favor, that is beginning to crumble out from underneath my feet.) I did experiment with “artistic” makeup (note the quotation marks.) so, since I do have some sort of ego to uphold, we’ll only be adding:

-1/2 point.

 No. 5. Finish all the wips (That’s Works In Progress, for those of you who aren’t in the know.)

Let’s just go to the next question.

-1 point. (at least. Probably more like -1 and 3/4 but I think I’m already losing pretty bad here.)

No. 6 Write more.

Actually, I’ve done pretty good on this one. Got myself a cute little owl covered journal, and have been writing in that fairly faithfully, even if older me won’t be able to understand my own handwriting/fathom what the heck I was trying to get across. Hopefully this journal doesn’t stray down the spastic/angsty/boy crazy (I ask you…)/ mentally deranged (okay. Only slightly so.)/ extremely boring paths that my other diaries have so happily waltzed down.

Not to mention that once I’ve finished this post I’ll have reached six posts this month, which makes one per five days on average, which is less than a week between posts…dude. I’m doing goood. (and all you faithful post per day people can just shut up.)

I’ve even done a few writing exercises, including a very short short story that I’m not really feeling like showing anybody until I’ve given it two years. (this because I’ve written other stuff before, been super proud of it, come back to it later and realized that it was complete crap. Thank you Mom that you didn’t let me get my my own account. Seriously..thank you.)

2 points, because I’m feeling very proud of myself for this very long post on my grandparents very stubborn computer.

 No. 7. Create more costume pieces.

Um…I made some stuff. Coulda made more, but it didn’t happen. Coulda, woulda shouda.

Okay. I only made one set of horns, half completed a dress (which I’m considering turning into a skirt and calling it done.) and a striped unicorn horn which I implanted into my wall…but yeah. Does a tea cozy count?

1 point.

No. 8. Drawing

I didn’t ever actually make any big art pieces, but I did complete one or two that I started, and hung a whole bunch of my old ones up. (with the unicorn horn,and my Audrey Hepburn poster.) And, of course, constant quick sketches. That never stops. I’m feeling very halloweeny right now, and have lots of inspiration (as always…if only I could bottle it!) so once I get home where I have art supplies we’ll see what happens.

1 point for constant doodling.

No. 9. Selling at a booth in the market.

Pff, yeah, that didn’t happen either. Imma gonna go easy on myself, since I was shipped off to prince george over a month ago, and guess what! They don’t have any markets. (and I don’t have the supplies to make stuff even if they did.)

0 points, since some stuff is just out of my control.

 No. 10. Trying to get more involved with acting.

This sorta worked, and it sorta didn’t. Although I did get into the apco master class at Interaction, and the director was saying something vague and exciting sounding on my facebook wall, that’s all gonna be this fall. And there was something else going on (not with Interaction, mind you, but a indie project with somebody else.), but it turned into a major creep-fest, so count me out.

I guess…1/2 a point for memorizing Shakespeare for my apco audition, which was conveniently this summer.

 No. 11. Hula hoop!

No hula hoops in Prince George either. (well, excepting those dollar store hoops at the library celebration. I totally rocked those. 😉 ) Still giving myself a point though, since I’ve learned how to hoop it on my legs, and draw a leg out (getting it back in is harder though…much harder. Like, I’ve never managed it before harder.) and I got better at what I already knew…

What the heck. 2 points. Am I vain or what?

Alrighty, time for my grand tally…and the number is…


Whoa. Much better than I was expecting.

…I must admit, I suppose it’s kinda sad that I grade myself on how productive my summers are. I suppose it must be the homeschooler in me. (and even sadder is that it was only 6 out of at least a possible eleven.)

Okay, that’s enough switchbacks between pompousness and self (self depreciatingness? Is that actually a word?) for now.

Kaelen! ❤


PS A note- I realized later that it looks like I actually posted this in September- that’s because my blog is still on Saint John time, whereas I am on Prince George. Small thing, but it was annoying me!


2 thoughts on “The last day of summer.

  1. Hi Kaelen,
    Consider it still summer holidays until after Labour Day.
    You have accomplished a lot, especially considering that you didn’t have everything available to you in PG. Too bad there isn’t a market!
    Love and hugs,

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