On a scale of one to Voldemort how awkward are your hugs?

  • Yes, I just watched the last Harry Potter again.
  • No, this is not my gif. It’s a semi-popular meme. Hahaha…I wish it was mine.
  • Neville is hot in real life. Observe.
  • See?
  • The ending of the movie wasn’t very good.
  • But the parts where everybody is (SPOILERS SPOILERSPOILERS) dying (Remus, Tonks, Severus, Dobby, Hedwig, Sirius, Dumbledore, Colin Creevey, Fred, and a whole bunch of other people.) makes me cry.
  • Actually more so the second time then when I watched it the first.
  • I don’t understand the people who don’t cry. What is wrong with you??? It’s big fat old man Alan Rickman who still manages to make one darn fine Severus Snape (despite the fact that he looks like a particularly ugly woman) crying over his lost love. He just want’s to see Lily’s eyes!!!
  • That being said, holy moly, the flashback scenes could have been way better. Way, WAY better. Like, um, why does child Severus have a highpitched voice and a little snub nose?
  • Why do they not show the fact that James is a git who nobody likes?
  • Why do we not see teenage Severus, Lily, and the marauders??? I was looking forward to that part since I heard that the last movie was coming out. Frig all you script writers/producers of that scene to darn heck.
  • Aaaanyways.
  • I didn’t dress up this time. Kinda last minute. Plus, um, a week after the midnight showing is cool (okay, not really, but…). A month after…a little bit weirder. Oh, yeah, and I didn’t have a costume on hand.
  • Oh, and I saw the Tintin posters outside the theater, and got really excited before I realized that it said coming soon. Pffff, nice one Kaelen. (I think that either Tintin will suck, or it will rock. And I’m really leaning towards the latter.)

Geek over (for now),



2 thoughts on “On a scale of one to Voldemort how awkward are your hugs?

  1. Dude, the Tintin movie is directed by Steven Spielberg. Music by John Williams. Heck of a lot more big names, too. It has to be awesome.

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