Five things about me. I haven`t done one of these in ages!

1. I went fishing yesterday. I caught one fish. My little-big brother caught two fish. He reiterated this fact quite often. He was lucky he was wearing lifejacket…

He looks so charming...HAH!

Yes, this little-big brother.

2.Sunshine!!! Sweet sweet sunshine. Ooohheheohoo*snort*giggglehahoo.

Heck, even I, ‘Le fantôme’ (And yes, I totally did just use google translate for that. I am a sad human being.) am getting a tan.

3. I’m going to be helping out with a VBS (well, a VBlastthreeweeksofAugust) at my Grandma’s church this afternoon. Puppet skits, yo!

4. I am wearing purple corduroy pants and a tshirt with prancing rainbow unicorns on it. This really makes me happy. If you want to tell me I’m weird, that’s what the comments are for.

5. (and in case you’re wondering why it’s five instead of ten, that’s because I’m lazy, and I petered out halfway through.)

These pictures.

A half hour of spray in wax and hair spray.

Spit curl.

Kiss curl.

Well we’re at it I’d like to point out the Black Apple pins. A birthday present from Mom that is still seeing plenty of use. Thanks Mom! …and yes, I am using my sweater as a scarf. It’s called being creative. (Ok, actually, no it’s called I don’t own any other items of clothing that match my makeup.)




6 thoughts on “Five things about me. I haven`t done one of these in ages!

  1. I understand the “lucky he’s wearing a lifejacket” comment, since I’ve spent three weeks with little-big brother (that’s 21 days folks). I have rediscovered and further developed vast stores of patience, longsuffering, forbearance and appreciation for 9 year old humor… sigh… I also appreciate his big sister who gives me frequent relief and support. Continue on in your weirdness…it’s what makes you who you are. Arlis

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