I feel in the mood to be a Disney Super Villain.

Why hello my lovelies, guess who is fighting Jetlag! Yes, yours truly.

The Jet lag is due to arriving in Prince George. I have to admit, when the time changes happen, I feel kinda like a super cool time traveler.  A super cool time traveler who goes to bed at 8:30.


I actually brought my camera along this time, so I could take pictures. All well and good…except I forgot my camera cord. Nice thought process there, Kaelen.


One of the nice things about Peeg is that I tend to associate it with books. My reasons for this are:

  1. My grandmother is the boss at a christian book store called the Kings In.
  2. Prince has a large library with  a excellent graphic novel selection. (OY. Saint John Public Library. You may be pretty and historic, but one shelf for manga, and another for graphic novels is completely sad. Buck up.)
  3. There is a place here that is part cafe, part yarn store, part consignment shop, part other stuff, and part book store. Think a really big building with all the best parts of life stuffed into it.

I don’t really have anything else to write about. (…well, I do have a rant on how the Fruits Basket manga and logic seem really ill acquainted, but that can keep ’till another day.) So, I bid thee farewell…with the power of youth.

(…Shut up. I can make Naruto references if I want to.)



Postscript: I apologize for how completely random all of the above is. I’ll try and put together a post that actually makes sense to the normal human mind at some point in the near future.

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