Random title is random.

Alrighty then…

I’m driving to Moncton (or, rather being driven, as us fourteen year olds aren’t allowed licenses.) tomorrow afternoon, so that the day after I can board a plane and fly across the country. I’m not packed. I’m surprisingly not worried about this. Maybe the suitcase faeries will deposit the random pile of clothing that has met with approval from the foot of my bed to my suitcase tonight, while I sleep. That would be nice.


The pros are:

Terry Pratchett

Aaaah yes, Harry Potter. It was freaking magnificent. I dresssed as Bellatrix. Full out. I got lots of weird looks.

My Grandma. My lovely Grandma. She would be the one on your right. On the left is Aunty Beth, and Elliot, who I will be seeing soon.

Aaand, this video.

So, let us focus on the pros, right? Anywhooo, going to get off  the computer and quit being antisocial.

Prince George; see you soon.


3 thoughts on “Random title is random.

  1. Have a great time in PG. I hope you continue to blog while you are there.
    Glad you saw Harry Potter – I may see it when the crowds thin out.

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