Death in Nature.

First off, before you click on any of these links, please keep in mind that they are all dealing with decomposing animals, so if you’re not in the mood for that I suggest you go look at LOLCat pictures.

Brought to you by google images.

I’ve been interested as a bystander by taxidermy  for the last couple of months now. Aside from the ‘ew’ factor, there is something I find really interesting in the idea of taking a carcass, and using it as a educational ornament.  That said, I don’t think I could ever really get into taxidermy myself. …but,who knows. Maybe someday? …Maybe not.

Dark Artifacts is the blog that got me interested in taxidermy. The guy who runs it doesn’t have the cleanest language, but I find what he does quite interesting.  Probably my favorite is the art piece that led me to his blog, his Fee Gee mermaid. I love the old ‘freakshow circus’ gaffs, (In theory, not  practice my darlings.) and would love to make a couple of fake (fake gaffs? There’s a odd concept for you.) gaffs out of non-animal materials to display on my wall someday.

A new find of mine is the blog/ art project (would that be the right label for it?) The Useless Creatures. Unlike Dark Artifacts, this blog deals with finding beauty in decomposing animals the artist finds in the wild. Her obvious respect for the deceased animals is touching, not to mention the good photography, and informative nature of the blog.

The style difference between these two blogs is quite large, but they both interest me, and they both deal with dead animals in one form or another, so.

This last website is a amazing statement piece. Unlike some activists, there doesn’t seem to be a aura of ‘Do you get the point? Huh? Doya, doya???’, but it rather just let’s humanity’s stupidity speak for itself. Try and make sure to read the about, neh?

…Alrighty then. My apologies for the lack of sarcasm, but today has technically become tomorrow, so bear with me here.

Time for bed!



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