I really can’t think of anyway to sum up the text that goes underneath this.

…So apparently something called Canada Day happened. Shwoop-da-woop. Good excuse to eat Cotton candy, and explore scary yet beautiful churches.

You know how I said that my hair dye was making my hair fall out? And that I thought it was finally done? It wasn’t. Bah. My hair is quite a bit thinner now. (I am very thankful that I had thick-ish hair to begin with!) I think it was actually breakage, and not falling out, but it resulted in the same thing.
Cue the deep conditioning! (I hardly ever condition my hair normally, but since I dyed, I have been slathering it on.)
So, that has been annoying. (I even spent the extra two dollars on the hair dye box with the bamboo stick on the cover thinking it would be more natural, and easier on my hair. HAH.)

Also, news flash! Most of you probably know that I am going to Prince George in late July, and will be coming back in August. Well, you’re all wrong. Okay, not that wrong. I’m still going at the same time, BUT will be coming back in September instead. (also, instead of it being just me and Jarvis, it will be me and all the kids.)

The reasons for this are various, and few of them make me anything less than grumpy.

I suppose change is good for the constitution, right? (and for those of you who are curious, I love P.G., and all my relatives there. So there isn’t any grumpiness on that account.)

Anyways, all that it really means for the blog is that there will be more pictures of relatives, less of…I dunno. The random stuff I usually put on my blog….? Actually, that will probably stick around too. So, just expect more cute baby pictures. Which isn’t what you could call a bad thing, no?

Forwards to a different topic of conversation!!! Bee-tee-dubs, this is the worst conversation ever. Completely one sided.)

I have discovered that my favorite hair product of the summer is probably going to be a paint brush. Seriously! You can use it to apply your makeup, and then put up your hair with it after. Later in the day, if you feel a creative urge coming on, you can use it to paint with, and if you have a extra paintbrush/pencil/pen/stick hanging around you are always ready for impromptu drumming sessions. Somebody please market this!!

Every yours in the random,


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