New hair colour, and some photos from the play.

Alrighty, first off, pictures of the preformance, as I promised.

Unfortunately, I could only get one actual picture of the stage, as it just wasn’t very convenient for picture taking opportunities.

Anywho, here’s a view of what the Japanese circus scene looked like from the left wing.

I played a very short role as the beggar woman, in which I got tease my hair like so:

I look like I'm about to burst into some Bon Jovi...

After which I ran down, and would change like mad during the Egypt scene into this:

This costume. Was. Awesome. (even though I sweat profusely in the polyester, under the stage lights.)

So. Here’s a picture of probably my favorite scene in the play, the Wild West. (actually , it’s only the beginning of the scene. It  got better towards the end of the scene, but by then Aouda and Passepartout are stashed behind the bar of the saloon. Well, we were up until the slow mo bar fight. …Like I said, it was a pretty awesome scene.)

Kimono dude= Passepartout, aka John. I'm in the middle, Aouda. Guy with the awesome hat= Phileas Fogg, aka Will.

I downloaded this from my director’s face book, and than switched the file around from downloads to documents to pictures (or something like that) before it would let me post the picture. I feel like such a little hacker. (Humor me.)
 Anywhooo, I do believe that about sums  it up for my pictures. Like I said, I didn’t get much of a chance to take them during the play, for obvious reasons. 😛
 The plays themselves went nicely. We were going to have four- 2 school shows, and 2 public shows, but there weren’t enough schools (or something like that.) so we ended up only having three shows. Ah well.
 In between the school show and the public show on the second day I hung uptown with a whole bunch of acting people. (Well, it started out as a whole bunch of acting people, but our group  got smaller, and smaller as the day progressed.) I felt quite sorry for the uptown Vitos having to serve about fourteen noisy teenagers, who couldn’t make up their minds what they wanted to eat, and some of whom were wearing satanic makeup. I think we might have given the waitress a nervous breakdown.
…The food was really good.
Also, Summer list, item number 3, HAIR DYE.  Accomplished!

Super crappy lighting, exteremely pixelated, AND the 'loneliest angle in the world'. That is just so much special in one picture.


It turned out kind of a dark reddish color, with a purple tint. Not quite what I was expecting, but I love it. One unsettling thing about it, is that my hair (which sheds all the time anyways.) was falling out quite a lot right after I finished dying my hair.Like, a lot, a lot. Not enough to make me go bald, just enough to kinda freak me out. Thankfully that seems to have stopped now.

Anyhow, I’m off to eat icecream, and watch Doctor Who. (also  to work on the cord for my elf horns. I’ll try to post about them soon!)


3 thoughts on “New hair colour, and some photos from the play.

  1. I’m so sad I didn’t see your show.

    One time during musical, we put on stage make up and went uptown on a Sunday afternoon. This one lady gave me and my friend a death glare. It was hilarious.

    I like your hair. It makes me happy.

    • I’ve wanted to dress weirdly (ie, lot’s of eyeliner/ artificial wounds!) for no real reason, and go uptown like that, but was told I would probably scare all the old ladies. But certain old ladies have death glares that scare me!

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