Summer list.

As gloomy as today has been, I figure it’s pretty much summer. I’ve seen a ‘summer to-d0 list’ or two swimming around the blog-o-sphere, so I thought that was as good a reason as any to add mine to the mix. I love lists. Really think they’re great. Something about writing out the events I want to happen in the order I want them to happen in makes it seem like I’m in so much more control. Of course, actually following up on it, and completing the tasks I’ve assigned myself is a little bit harder.

But, hey, I’ve got the entire summer, right?

So, without any particular order, a list of things I want to do this summer.

No. 1.

Get into the habit of daily devotions. I am a christian (no particular denomination, sect, what have you. Just a believe in Jesus-ist.) but, sometimes that new sci-fi book from the library is so. Much. More. Intriguing than the Bible. I don’t want my spiritual relationship to be a chore, but it turns into just another thing on my to-do list very quickly. Not very high on the to-d0 list, at that. So, that’s something I would like to change over the summer.

Anywho, No. 2.

Get into filming, editing, etc. I’d like to make a short (30 seconds is fine for starters) film over the summer. Just dip my toe in it. I have lots of ‘artsy’ ideas. It’s just getting my Dad’s camera, the location, myself (or somebody else) in costume,  beginning to learn the editing process, etc, etc that is intimidating.

No. 3.

Dye my hair. This one will probably happen fairly soon, actually. As in, I’ve got the hair dye, we’re doing it today kind of soon.  Still, it’s been on my ‘mental’ to do list for a while, so I figure it was worth throwing in.

No. 4.

Get some henna, and draw tattoos on my friends, family, and complete strangers that consent (or not) to holding still for long enough. I’m always drawing designs on my hands, arms, ankles, etc, with marker or pen. I figure Henna is just a little bit classier, in a dirty hippie kind of way. (also, then the designs will actually stick around, even if I get them wet.)

No. 5.

Finish all the wips (That’s Works In Progress, for those of you who aren’t in the know.) I’ve got  hanging around in my room. The perfectly cute vest from a year ago. The perfectly nice bag from 6 months ago. The perfectly attractive sweater from a month ago. There’s probably more, but that’s what leaps to my mind. Also, darn all my handknit socks. I dunno why,  but it’s easier for me to knit a new pair of socks than to sew up the holes in my old pairs. (I’ve got  about five pairs too. Five beautiful, unwearable pairs.) …of course, this won’t stop me from finishing the pair of socks I’m knitting first.

No. 6

Write more. On my blog, short stories, in my extra-private diary. Just write more. It’s something I enjoy doing, but it often gets turned into just another chore. Pooie.


No. 7.

Create more costume pieces. That mask, those steampunk  fairy wings, the elf-let horns. All the stuff that’s being swimming around my head. Beats me how I’ll use them, but I’m sure I could find something…hopefully in the maritimes. I don’t have the money to attend Comic Con, or The World Steam Expo, but, I mean, come on. There’s gotta be something. And if there isn’t, I’ll rope all of my friends into dressing up with me, and hanging in King’s Square.


No. 8.

Drawing. Lot’s and lot’s more drawing. Painting. Finishing the pieces I’ve started. All that good stuff.


No. 9.

Selling at a booth in the market. I’m not quite sure what I’d sell- probably a hodge podge of knitted items, and pictures. I’ve got the rough outline of it in my head, it’s just the renting of the booth (20 bucks), having the items to sell, and the guts to go through with it. And, who knows, maybe I’d even make some money off of it.


No. 10.

Trying to get more involved with acting. Yes, I’m in Interaction, but I want more. (gimme, gimme!) It’s something I really enjoy. I don’t know that I could ever have a career based off of it, but it would sure beat a desk job. I don’t really know where to start, though. I suppose a good place would be the short films that I was talking about earlier (Yes, I realize that every teenage girl and her pet monkey has a youtube channel nowadays.), and just getting it out there to my friends in general that I would be thrilled to be a extra in their indie production (t’would be helpful I had some friends with Indie productions.). Or something. I don’t really know if I’m dreaming way too big to begin with, or what.


No. 11.

Hula hoop! I’ve got a hula hoop that I love (Technically, it’s Dad’s, but he’s out of town, so…) and I’ve learned some of the basic tricks. (bringing it up over the body, onto the neck, front and back grabs. I suck at all of it, but, hey, I’m learning. ) Everybody in my house (We live in a apartment which my parent’s own. My dad rents out the 3 other suites to our friends, which makes it a pretty sweet community if it’s the type of thing you’re into.) is into hula hooping, and I sorta started it because of that. It’s pretty friggen enjoyable , and some of the people around here are super awesome  at it, with all sorts of crazy tricks. Also, no, it’s not like a bunch of five year olds with dollar store hoops. Youtube it. (the cirque du sole stuff is especially good.)


Okay. Eleven seems a good place to me for stopping this list. Nice and asymmetrical.


What’s your summer list? Blog it, and send me a link in the comments! (or just give me your top goal or two in the comments, if say, you don’t have a blog.)



PS, dear relatives, don’t worry. There will be a blog post about the play, complete with what pictures I managed to scrounge up. The long and short of it is that it went well, and I can’ t wait for the next one!



My much doodled on script.





4 thoughts on “Summer list.

  1. My number 1 item to do this summer is learn to walk without limping and get my bum cheeks even again.
    #2 Sew all my sewing projects that are piled oh so high in my not being used spa room.
    #3 Start cooking all the food we buy instead of throwing out hands full. So not enviro-friendly
    #4 Cuddle Elliott every day
    #5 Talk more to my beautiful and talented amazing niece Kaelen.
    You can do all these things my girl, you are THAT good 🙂

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