Good heavens, will this weather NEVER let up?

So far today I have:

-Woken up in the middle of the night via a hard kick in the stomach delivered by Fiona.  In my painful, half asleep state I reacted defensively and bit her on the shoulder. No, I do not go around biting my siblings on the shoulder usually. In fact, I don’t bite anyone on the shoulder. Nor do I uphold child abuse.  But, at three in the morning as I clutched my stomach in the fetal position, it seemed like a good idea. Judge me if you must. Neither Fiona or I really felt any better after this physical exchange.

-Been woken up later on via my Ipod alarm labeled ‘sci-fi’. I prefer this method as opposed to the above.

-Watched Bohemian Rhapsody muppet style.

-Made bread.

-Gone seed shopping with my Father, a certain Leanne, and a certain Jason.

-Mourned the weather.

-Gotten high off of caffeine. (when you drink coffee once a month it makes a impression.)

-Had my music taste semi-insulted.

-Gotten syked over the impending summer.

-Facetimed my Grandparents. (well, to be completely truthful, they face-timed me. but that’s sorta just getting a little bit too detailed.)

-Bullied by a four year old. I love my siblings, but there comes a time when…I don’t. I just don’t.

-Been the recipent of a shirt with dancing rainbow unicorns prancing their sparkly way across the front.

So far I like today. 🙂

Also, it being the weekend means I can put off trying to figure out how Quadratic Equations work, and why the –Heylookkids,abutterfly!– I care.


Anywho, random picture time!

Isn’t she just the cutest little random picture?


Update on my Uncle and Aunt for those who are interested:

My Uncle is back to working almost full time, with a limp that should go away in time, taking time off for physio and things like that. My Aunt says (on F.B.) that she walked nearly crutch-less today. I think that the two of them are making plans for a mexico (or, as my aunt says, Meh-hi-ko) trip sometime in the future.

Elliot remains cute, as per the usual.


Your shoulder-biting blog pal,


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