Gray day, gray day.

Seriously. Enough with the rain already! To put it bluntly, rain is yucky-poo.

Slept in late this morning. (Thank you siblings, for deciding to throw a kitty party in my room with the neighbors cat. A kitty party designated for three in the morning. I feel sincerely grateful.)

It’s now twelve, and I think my family is planning on visiting Dark Lake, for the trails.
Trails, in the rain. Something tells me I should put on clothes don’t mind getting dirty. Call it “woman’s intuition”.

Yesterday I headed over to MozartNerd’s after a Interaction rehearsal. (ever tried a rehearsal when half your people are missing? It can go either way. Ours was actually pretty good.)

Apparently the MozartNerd is allergic to angora fiber. (She is also allergic to cats. I take this mutual allergy connection to support my theory that cabbits exist.) This means that she can’t spin angora fiber. Which means that she gave the fiber to me.

Angora is pretty…and soft…and feels like a bunny (which makes sense, seeing as it’s rabbit fur and all.). I feel a bit like a jerk for gaining from my friend’s loss…but it’s soft!

This seems like a rather bitter post- I didn’t mean for it to sound so sarcastic sat down to type. Hmm. Maybe the rain spoiled me.

Any who. Have a old picture of my brother wearing a dress!


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