Hakuuuuuna Matataaaaaaaaa

Interaction rehearsal tonight. Less than a month till our play! I’m mostly kinda-sorta off book, but really need to work hard at the script, and nail it down.

The thing about plays is that you get more and more hyped about them, lose your life, speak only in quotes from the script, stay in character while using the bathroom, and then all of a sudden, bang it’s over.  And you’re all like whoa- what? I can do things that don’t focus on trying not to contract a serious eye disease from the communal eye liner? Trippy, dude.

…maybe other people’s experience differ slightly.

Lately I’ve

  • Read: Jane Eyre
  • Watched: Fantastic Mr. Fox. I think I may have a serious infatuation with a stop motion animated fox.  (Which is about as weird as my crush on grown up Simba from the Lion King. The way he slides on and sings “It means no worries, for the rest of your days,” is heart stopping.)
  • Been working on various craft projects (a skirt applique. Socks. Tacking up the tulle on my Aouda costume so that I don’t put my foot through it another million times.)

I’ve run out of things to write about. That didn’t take long. Here, have a couple of links to some blogs that make me happy!



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