Yes!!! the second.

Perhaps some of you remember this young lady:

Aw, look at that. Little manga obessed me. How adorable.

She was featured in a much earlier post which you can view via that handy dandy link.

I was fooling around with- you guessed it! Paint (you know. that pixel-y art program that comes with windows computers.) this afternoon while the kids watched Lion King. (which I will admit, I just spelled Line King.)  And lo and behold, I decided to affectionately copy my only other finished piece of digital media.

(yes, that is my only other ‘finished’ digital media. I have a low attention span, kay?)

This computer has the much newer version of paint, which is nice. Also, I can sorta-kinda-maybe draw now, which is also nice. Allow me to present to you “Head! #2”.

Her nose looks like a clown nose. Dont' worry, I know.

Man. That makes me happy. I no longer suck! (or…not as bad. You know what I mean.) Of course, when I finished that piece ages ago I was super proud of it also. Which means that in a couple of years I’m gonna open this piece and mock it. But I’m okay with that.

Anywho. Enough braggarting.


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