Birthday and Crocodile Pose

Today is my big-little bro’s ninth birthday. 🙂 We just got back from a refreshing hike out in Irving Nature Park.

I LOVE SPRING!!! Sweet, sweet sunshine.

Jarv’s invited pretty much everyone we know (and their puppy) to his birthday and already we have several people here. Though, since my Dad rents the building  we live in to our friends (mostly) we usually have at least one person over a day anyways.

Yesterday I was hanging around The Feel Good Store to meet Sarah M. for a yoga sesh at the Yoga Outlet. I’d just hurried  from Coles where I had bought James and The Giant  Peach For Jarvis.  Anyways, I’d scurried over to the Feel Good Store as fast as I could, thinking I was late, when I realized I’d shown up half a hour early. Frig. Guess I didn’t have to be quite so hasty after all. (might have had something to do with the fact that my watch was set a hour past the right time.)

So I headed over to the Loyalist City Coin and Books to kill some time.  Guess what I found? A cooler version of James and the Giant Peach, with more interesting illustrations…for 75 cents. 🙂

This would be when I ran over to Coles, and (tried to) return  the version of James and the Giant Peach that I had bought from them (What’s your first name? Your last?? Your address??? POSTAL CODE????) and (finally. Right after the Spanish Inquisition.) whipped back to the Yoga Outlet in the fifteen minutes I had left.

The Yoga session I had come for was freaking amazing. It was restorative yoga, and although it quickened a bit in the middle, it was mostly all about focus, breathing, stretching, and sweet, sweet relaxation. The yoga instructor went around at the beginning and end of the session and touched/massaged the head and shoulders, and the feet and ankles. (I felt kinda bad for him when he was doing the ankle bit, since mine have a blister on each, due to wearing too small Docs.)




2 thoughts on “Birthday and Crocodile Pose

  1. What a great choice of a book for Jarvis – he will love it. It sounds like he had a fun
    I go to restorative yoga too but I am sure you are waaay more flexible than i am. We have
    a great studio here that Catherine and I both go to and love.
    Love and hugs to all, (with 9 extras for Jarvis)

    • Isn’t it great? I’ve only done that one class, but I really enjoyed myself. Especially the meditation.

      I say if you’re going to read the book to the kid make sure it’s a book you can both enjoy. Pretty much everything Roald Dalh falls into that category.

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