My One Hundredth Post.

How stately sounding.


My Mom has been moving furniture around like mad lately, while my Dad does renos to turn our upstairs apartment  into a smaller upstairs apartment,  with a bachelors apartment where the kids rooms used to be.

This is all for the purpose of renting out said bachelors apartment, so we can become money-iefied,  so that we can buy land, so that we can move out there and live happily ever after, The End.

….I say ‘we’, but of course I mean my parents. All I do is move furniture around as instructed by my Mother.

In other news.

  • I started a coauthored blog with Mozart Nerd.
  • I’m knitting a sweater.
  • If you go to public school you get March Break.
  • Not so if you’re homeschooled.
  • I can see grass for the first time in a while.
  • A question: Why wasn’t Queen Victorian amused?

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