I wonder if this post will be of interest to anyone but me?

First off, Happy Birthday to my  little-little brother, Simon (Not to be confused with my big-little brother, Jarvis.) Four years old.  I made chocolate cupcakes.  Pictures will  be posted on my blog, or maybe my Mom’s sometime soon.  (of the birthday kid, not the cupcakes.)


Secondly, my weekend was spent twitching, drooling, mouthbreathing,  staring off into space, watching Doctor Who,  watching Little Bear, and reading depressing books about the bubonic plague. I hate colds. (The Doctor Who and Little Bear were about the only good parts. Also the fact that I am relatively healthy again.)  Lots of nose blowing.Lots. TMI?


Thirdly, I was nominated for a prize at HPHC on Ravelry. This makes me happy.  If you know what Ravelry is you’re probably slightly geeky. If you know what the HPHC is than you are without a doubt downright nerdy. (A hint. It’s  a online forum with Harry Potter and yarn.)

That’s….about it. I should go think about cleaning up the copious amount of Kleenex in my room.


3 thoughts on “I wonder if this post will be of interest to anyone but me?

  1. Congratulations on your nomination! Chocolate cupcakes – lucky Simon!! I will look forward to photos. Sorry about your cold – it will soon be on the way out (or off to visit a sibling)

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