This made my day.

Ah sweet Globe and Mail. As I was looking through your main page I clicked ‘Is All Right For My 12 Year Old To Be A Vegetarian?’

Why? Because I was bored. I didn’t really care about the article at all, but wanted to read the comments. It was pretty ridiculous. (If you’re gonna’ be a omnivore be a omnivore. Same goes for not eating meat. Let’s cut out the soap opera, ‘kay?) But in one of the comments I found a reference to the Flat Earth society.

And so, with the wonder of Google, I found this for your viewing pleasure.

Drum roll please .

One of the best parts on their is their ‘Join us now’ bit. Includes questions like: What is your favorite flavored jelly bean?  Favorite Radioactive Isotope?…

I was wondering just what a Radioactive Isotope is, so I googled it. The best (and most understandable) answer was that it was unstable, compared to the regular stable Isotope.

If you say so….


2 thoughts on “This made my day.

  1. Wow, that was a feeble blog, baby… will pray for a influx of inspiration. Congrats on the acting assignment… when you’re famous I can say I knew you when you were a “little guy”. Come to think of it, I can say I changed your diaper and washed baby food off your face too (.hee, hee)

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