It’s snowing. Very much so.

This is the type of weather that makes one wish to cuddle up with a well loved copy of the Bartimaeus series, or perhaps Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, a cup of tea, and some knitting. (tea recommendation; Bengal spice, with a spoonful of honey, and a swish of milk.)

It is now the umpteenth month of never ceasing snow, ie, February. The month of hearts, kisses, and romantic giggles. Floofiness expressed to it’s utmost. Personally I’m  not much of a Valentines person. The days after Valentines (when all the chocolate is on sale)… now that I can handle.

On the other hand February is also the month of my little- little brother, so that’s not bad either.  So on the whole this is a month I can muster through. (last year to relieve my feelings I dressed all in black, with copious amounts of eyeliner on Valentines day. I’m a strange person.)

There was a Interaction thingy last night.  The play we are going to do is Around The World In Eighty Days. Wonderful book. Hoping that it’s a wonderful play.

I have this thing for messy buns. Lately they are pretty much all I’ve been wearing.* Not only do they disguise slightly greasy hair (which comes in handy on occasion.) but they also make me feel like I could fit into a Tim Burton movie. (if you squinted.) The thing is, I tend to go through phases with my hair. Like the time I wore my hair in Dutch Girl Buns (or Goiters Of Hair Sprouting From the Nape Of My Neck.) for two months straight. That was when I was using conditioner instead of shampoo (Also for two months straight.) without noticing it. Not good.

Anways, I’ll leave you with that bunch of random, and be on my way. Cheerio!



*This sentence could be misconstrued.


3 thoughts on “Tiddly-Pom.

  1. Just saying (this is a comment for the post before this ‘un) $10.50 is awful cheap for a skirt. Really.
    Anyways, I remember the dutch bun era. Amusing. You should really cover yourself with something a little more…appropriate than just a messy bun. Really, Kaelen. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  2. The thought of you running naked through copious amounts of snowdrifts with nothing to prevent your gooseflesh except hair coiled up in a bun is hilarious. I don’t know if this is what you were going for–but good job. hee hee

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