Oig. It’s me.

Uhm. Let me see….


I’ve had a birthday. This means that if a french speaking poll taker asks me, “Quel age as-tu?”  I can answer, “J’ai quatorze ans.” The chances of this are low, but it makes me happy anyhow.  My computer  is not a french speaking poll taker, though, and hence there are no random squiggly things over the words.


On my birthday I watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World, which may be one of the best movies I have seen in a LONG time. (I then put the original comics on hold at the library, while checking out Edgar Allen Poe stuff, and ‘Murder at Christmas’, by Agatha Christie. The librarians probably worry about me.)


I’m sorta’ maybe kinda’ learning to use the sewing machine… I made myself a skirt which I’ve been wearing a lot lately. It actually doesn’t look bad.  Which was… surprising.


Meh. Teenager hood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be though… your skin goes on strike, and hormone induced mood swings aren’t any fun. I’d advise you to skip it. Although birthdays are good… cake and presents. Including a stero with a i-pod dock. Which gives hope for a i-pod filled future. Also, the stereo sounds really good.


And by golly, has this ever been a |geedboish post!


Ah well… this too shall pass.




3 thoughts on “Oig. It’s me.

    • Yes… I was going to upload one, but it didn’t happen. I will try again at some point… Especially as I wear it every other couple of days. (It’s a dark colour. Doesn’t show dirt easily.) 🙂

  1. Glad you like the stereo. Guess I should get in gear and send you some music. Jesse’s right–invest some time and upload some pictures. Sheesh….it’s not like you don’t have time, Homeschooler. Sorry to hear about the total (inside and outside) body rebellion. If it’s any consolation, one day you’ll be having this conversation with a significant teenager in your life and be explaining to them that it will come to an end. Your face will clear up about the same time you start making payments on a car, mortagage or other some other significant event in your life which will make your zit free, hormone stable life kind of a non-event. Oh well…life is just kind of like that!

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