Hello twenty-eleven.

*wolf whistle*

Here’s to ya 2011… (and if it’s true that the state of your house on the eve of a new year dictates how your life will go for the following year… I am so screwed.)

It’s a new year. Wow. There were a lot of things that I liked about 2010, and a lot I didn’t, but the positive overwhelms the negative. So. Here’s a list of things that have really stuck out for me during this last year.

  1. I have a cousin.
  2. I flew across Canada -and back- all on my lonesome.
  3. I got a room of my own, and (with the help of my lovely relatives… especially my grandmother, mother, and aunt.) decorated it to suit me.
  4. I was in a ap-co Interaction play.
  5. I watched the only two plays I have ever seen this year. (Interestingly enough my Grandma Margaret was there for both of them, and she lives on the other side of the country, so what are the chances?)
  6. I’m beginning to feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin. I still don’t always like being me, and have lots of those wonderful ‘did I really just say that out loud’ moments… but on the whole I feel more like I’m not always second guessing myself.
  7. I’ve progressed in my art quite a bit. I’m working out a sort of a style (sort of), and slowly becoming less of a wannabe-anime artist. I’ve also dabbled with the whole digital art aspect of things as well. Which reminds me, I should post some of it on here when I get the time.
  8. Along with  the whole Interaction, and feeling less awkward thing, I’m making more friends.
  9. My relationship with God, and so on is… I dunno. Becoming a bit clearer I suppose. Not all, or even  most, of it, but the basics… those are pretty steadfast. I don’t really blog about my spiritual beliefs too much, and I have friends who are all over the spectrum of where they stand with god, but I believe in someone in there, someone who really cares. Music is a great thing for worshiping I find- not necessarily worship music either.
  10. I will be fourteen in seven days. This doesn’t really get me super excited, but I am looking forward to it.

My new years resolutions.

  • to become more peaceful
  • more creative
  • and to spend time on the things that matter.

Now. These have nothing really to do with new years, but my aunt said she would kill me if I didn’t post a tour of my room. (she also wanted pictures of our bathroom, but it’s too shameful- I’ll send them in a email to her instead.)

My bed. With awesome quilt.

The reason my covers are so rumpled!

Like most girls my age I have a full closet. Unlike most girls my age it is filled with books.

For a self taken picture with the timer, I really love this.

It’s a little past twelve. Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “Hello twenty-eleven.

  1. OooLAAlaa!!! What a pretty bedroom. I love your closet full of books! Your bed set is soooo pretty! What a lovely girly room…even if Slimon Simon sleeps with you. I’m impressed. That must of been a fun surprise to come home too.
    And nice self picture too.
    I noticed it’s snowing on your blog. Cool.
    How’d you figure out how to put photos up? I thought the photo-putter-upper was your nemesis???

  2. Happy New Year to you too, Kaelen! Your thoughts and insights are very grown up – you are soon to be a very special 14 yr old.

  3. I have to agree with you. In 2010 “good stuff” overwhelms “bad stuff”. I agree baby Elliott was definately the highlight. Having my daughter and then my granddaughter each come out for a visit came in a close second. The fact that my baby girl, Kaelen, is going to be 14 is unbelievable. You might be cool with it, but it makes me feel a little “long in the tooth”. Sigh… The thing I love about God is that our spirituality is always changing as we get to know Him better and see different facets of His character and work. It never grows old. I agree any song can be a worship song if it makes you think about Him and what He is doing in your life. I noticed you’re weaning yourself off the bullets… love ya.

  4. Part 2: Nice pics. Love the picture of Simon. Does it still count as your own room if you have a sib in your bed? Nice self pic even if you look like a–ummm- teenager.

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