First guy: Hey, you’re wearing my pants!

Second guy: You’re wearing my little brother’s pants. Be very afraid.

Me: ….um….

**** **** ****

All the more reason to love Interaction, where conversations like that are completely routine!


Speaking of which… allow me to completely obviously segway into self promotion!


ROBIN HOOD THE PANTOMIME. (and by pantomime, no, I don’t mean actual miming. It’s a little bit Men In Tights, a bit Monty Python, and a whole lot of awesome.)


We’re having Public shows at the Imperial Theater on the 16 and 18th at seven pm.


The humor in it is geared towards all ages, so it’s most certainly worth coming even if you aren’t bringing the kids.


And, if you come, you’ll get to watch me shout “Everybody, quick, hide”, while wearing First Guy’s pants!


Are you sold?


5 thoughts on “First guy: Hey, you’re wearing my pants!

  1. I is comings on Saturday…
    I’s wantings to sees yous.
    Yous good for skatings and youth groupings tomorrow?
    Is Christmas party at youth groupings…must bring foods and yankee swaps items…

  2. What’s this about wearing some guys pants? Or your little brother’s pants? That would be Simon. Hmmmm, I don’t think you could get your leg in Simon’s pants…okay I’m officially confused. Could you start again from the beginning? And yes I wish I could see your part in the play seeing as I have invested so much in this venture (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

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