Oh. I’m not dead. How odd.

As most of you know (since about eighty-seven percent of the people who  read this blog are related to me.) I just got back from two weeks in Beautiful British Columbia. (The name according to the license plates.)

Quite a smashing time. I browsed through  Books and Company, a wonderful place that includes a consignment store, cafe, book store (complete with a trombone coming out of the ceiling.), yarn shop,and more. A hint- try the cafe’s Caramel Shortbread Squares, with an Apple Cider.

I have lot’s of relatives in Prince George, which is where I spent the majority of my time, and whenever anyone asks me who I stayed with I get an urge to say “I slept around”. Then my brain realizes just what that means in today’s language, and I quickly blurt out something different.

I ‘stayed’ at my maternal grandparents, but slept over (See? I’m getting better.) at my Aunt’s place, and maternal great grandparents,  hung out several times with my paternal grandmother. Also on the agenda was snoogling with the Old Man Hobbit Monkey Food Baby. (she’s otherwise known as Elliot.)

The last few days of my trip I spent in Vancouver with my Dad’s lovely aunt, uncle, and cousin.  It was pretty cool, since not only did I get to hang out with the aforementioned people, but I also remembered all the reasons I loved Van.

Saint John is great, but not super multicultural, and in Vancouver it’s the exact reverse.  This leads not only to more open minded views in the people who live there (all though Saint John has it’s own fair share of awesome tree hugging hippies) but also to funkier restaurants, clothes, and old Asian guys meditating on the Sky Train.

The first plane was super nerve racking. I nearly lost my medical card in a crevasse between the floor and the wall of the plane, had a delay in Toronto, ran for my Vancouver-Prince George plane, and lost my baggage. (the Air Canada people were pretty nice about it, and dropped my suitcase off at my grandparents place.)

The upside is that nothing really phased me afterward.

When I got home I found a lot of things were slightly different.

  • Our bathroom is in the middle of being renovated. Interestingly enough, this is rather normal for my family.
  • My Mom did cool stuff in my room, which included replacing my rather sad quilt (which I used wrong side up since I was too lazy to fix the tears) with a rocking duvet as an early Christmas present from her and my aunt.
  • I swear that the kids grew whilst I was gone. Seriously.  Also seriously, I find that the above sentence makes me sound like a grandmother.

Wow. What a long pile of text this is going to make for. Especially since unlike other people I don’t take pictures on my vacation.

Signing Off.



7 thoughts on “Oh. I’m not dead. How odd.

  1. It was great to have you here too, Kiddo! We did pack a lot of fun into 2 days. You are welcome to stay with us anytime.
    Hugs to all,

  2. Ditto to MLou’s post. We were glad to have you and sorry to see you go. I swear Elliott is always looking around to see where you are. I’m glad you ditched the “I slept around” comment… you’re too sweet to have a bad rep. Miss you lots…

  3. I wrote you an email the night we said goodbye and cried to uncle Ray that you were gone. I know I know, I cry about everything right now but still think you should feel special…because you are and I missssss youoooo terrriblllllyyyyyy!!!!
    I am to tired for punctuation so make up your own stops and emphasis 🙂 love you

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