New aquisitions.

Hello Darliiiings, I’m back to torment your souls! Hmmm- I haven’t been the most vigilant poster, but it’s not as if that’s much of a surprise…

In my defense I can say that I’ve been having a bit of life (I know! Imagine!) lately, so have been busier than usual.

There’s school-we’re into October now and I still haven’t decided whether I Love It Absurdly or Hate It With A Passion…

We had a (brief) visit from relatives who we had’nt seen in roughly two 1/2 years… absolutely lovely to see them again.

Knitting-I’m working on a pair of armwarmer/cuff/fingerless glove type things for a costume which will be shown somewhere around the thirtieth…

Interaction-I randomly found out that my recreation class has a person I’ve been acquaintances with for a couple ‘o’ winters now. Neither of us knew that the other went/was going before hand, so it was quite the coincidence….

…and of course reading. I’ve just finished ‘Around the World In Eighty Days’ (Jules! How do you do it!) for the first time, and ‘Wuthering Heights’ for the third. It’s not one of  my favorite books, yet I’ve read it so many times because each time I think, “I’ll appreciate Miss Bronte this time.” Maybe it’s true, because I did get through it quite nicely this time (even enjoyed it!). Maybe it’s just due to the fact that it took three readings to get the (rather intricate) plot through my brain.

Mother and I went to the library ( at least, she did, I people watched from my perch in the van.) and this new little yarn shop (whose name I cannot remember or I would post a link) run by one of my favorite people who used to work at Cricket Cove.  (to which I can give a link.) Any-who it’s part knit shop part scrapbooker’s haven which sorta put me off at first (as I don’t scrapbook) until I looked at all their Halloween-ie paper prints and stickers. (which set my heart off on a little pitter-pat as I viewed black cats and bats galore.)

Now- brace yourselves. I’m about to do something very stupendous. Very unheard of in this blog.  This is going to be the second- yes the second blog post in a row with pictures. You might want to sit down.

(The yarn and doo-dads were given me by my wonderful Mother.)

Yes, the yarn is posing on my typewriter. It’s Berocco Ultra Alpaca (if you care) and I’m going to use it for something like this: Edwardian Scarflette.

And for a closer look at the Goth/Steampunk-y doo-dads. (I love that word…)

It is a horrible looking picture but at least you can see the details…sort of.

As usual the effort of posting those pictures has sapped my (already frail) mental strength, so till next time.


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