I spent two hours on this, so please be a dear and read the post. Please.

A while back I convinced my Dad to let me upload imageready and photoshop (6.0) to the computer (for those who haven’t heard of them before: they are both digital photo editing software.).

For some reason our computer is allergic to the actual photoshop program, but it runs imageready just fine.

It is a bit of a headache to use (especially since I have next to no idea what I’m doing) but I enjoy it nonetheless.

Anyways, this is all a big (or not so big) leadup to my showing you what I just spent the last two hours on.

Before pic:

Look at that! Ugh. It all looks so modern, and obviously taken with a fairly good quality camera.

But now…(after the two hours of hopeful clicking, and not so hopeful banging my head into the wall.)

There. It is beautiful. It looks faded and worn. As if it was taken with a camera from days of yore -one that threatened to explode magnesium on you if you breathed the wrong way.

I’m not up to a longer post having a) just spent two hours producing the above (which looks quite easy but is not at all as you’ll find out if you try it yourself.), and, b) for some reason my blog doesn’t like pictures. (which is why I never upload them.)


(by the way, in case you haven’t ever met me, that is the Self Admitted Geek herself modeling. And yes, I dress like that in day to day life.)


11 thoughts on “I spent two hours on this, so please be a dear and read the post. Please.

    • Wait, Mom? You read Kaelen’s blog???
      You were obviously on the PC and saw the e-mail notice that Kaelen had posted and then saw the picture in the e-mail and was amazaed by the beauty of the pic, and decided to comment.
      I’m sure thats how it went, because I am also sure that you’re not an online blog stalker.

  1. Okay…read the blog. Did you check your software for an online manual? I may seem silly but sometimes reading the instructions will launch you into a whole new realm of possibilities. Nice pics. Keep up the good work.

    • Yes, but that would mean a whole lot of REALLY boring reading with stuff like “Using the blur tool with the such and such will cause so and so to open, if you click the following twenty six buttons…”

      That said there are a lot of really good tutorials out there, and I actually browsed through one before making this.

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