Knitting and other various pursuits.

Is it wrong for me (a thirteen year old girl) to feel this much like a ninety three year old girl? My joints ache, I knit, (and knit and knit and knit and…), my dress sense is… ‘interesting’ (case in point: after I got dressed for Interaction last night my Dad remarked, “Hey! You’re wearing pants!”), and a couple of days ago I went into  a rant/spiel about two books I’ve read, and which one is better, since someone was asking which one they should read for school.

Not the biography of Miley Cyrus, vs Twilight, or even Harry Potter vs These Mortal Instruments. (a note- except for the biography *shudder* I’ve actually read all of these series… and ridiculed most of them. Excepting HP, of course.) Nope. Pride and Prejudice and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Pride and Prejudice won hands down of course. (Hey! It’s been at least three blog posts since I last talked about it. It was long overdue.)

Ah well, my age aside (and well we’re on the subject of age… that sure would explain my memory issues.) I’ve been having a pretty good time these last few days.

I went to Tops the other day with one of my parental units, and three friends. On the way I knit, they talked, and we all listened to  Joanna Newsome. I was pleasantly surprised. Her latest stuff is actually listenable- and on occasion- good!

Since then more knitting has occurred (I’m working on this, in case you’re wondering) as well as some ripping out, and reknitting.

Interaction as I mentioned (our first fall meeting)… and yeah.

In perusing this I have to admit, I must seem to have a very boring life. I enjoy it though…

Now somebody- go fetch me my walker!

5 thoughts on “Knitting and other various pursuits.

  1. I’m pretty sad to say that I read Twilight(all four), as well as Miley Cyrus’s biography. Definitely wasted time in my life. HP wasn’t at all.

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