Oh. My. Aching. Legs.

How they ache. Quite a bit, actually. I have no idea why, since it’s not as if I did any strenuous walking today. (Perhaps a growing pain? But why are growing pains called growing pains when you don’t actually seem to grow any when you get them?)

I did walk up to Mozart Nerd’s house today, (though I very much doubt that would cause these sticks to groan.) and prodigious knitting occurred. (as it often does when we’re together. We must be the lamest teenagers in the world. Forget graffiti, we’re churning out socks.) Whilst we knit we watched The Pink Panther. (not Steve Martin at his best, but it elicited quite a few chuckles from me.)

A hurricane (Hurricane Earl, apparently. Why do they name hurricanes anyways? Spoils perfectly good names. Betcha no one names their kids Katrina anymore.) was supposed to have raged through here in all it’s stormy glory on Saturday, according to the weather forecasters.

I’m know just what I’m going to send the weather man for Christmas.  A dictionary. So that, next time a hurricane passes through, he’ll have access to the information that a stout breeze is not a ‘raging wind’ and warm rains are not ‘glorious storms’.

Think I’ll use pink wrapping paper.


3 thoughts on “Oh. My. Aching. Legs.

  1. The Weather Man said “glorious storms”???
    Wordy Weather Man.
    I seem to get cramps either if I’ve been sitting all day, or very active, all day. Stretching usually helps. If it’s muscular. If its a growing pain…well…go get the Advil.

    • No. He didn’t. Not that I know of, anyhow.

      But I was too lazy too look up what he REALLY said, and it would have been boring anyways. But, in my defense, they did issue a hurricane warning, and various thingies like that.

  2. Prodigious…nice word… It certainly sounds like Hurricane Earl was a non-event in N.B. Although, Nova Scotia got dinged pretty good. Too bad about the growing pains, but this to shall pass. Love ya…

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