Saint Andrews, Blacks Harbour, and YARN.

My dear Peoples.

I. Hate. This. HEAT.  With a passion. (Okay, maybe not that passionable of a passion, since it does give me an excuse to nag my parents to take me swimming relentlessly.)

Today we drove out to Blacks Harbour (Less the grandparents as they were driven to the airport at four this morning. Plus one Wayne who is a friend of my parents.*) Where Mom and I -in between wiping the sweat from our collective brows- went yarn shopping at big Cricket Cove. (There is a Cricket cove uptown which is positively minuscule in comparison.

A note. This is where I stopped last night to watch the newest (which is no longer very new) James Bond with  my Dad.

This one had three rooms.) I got yarn that perfectly matches my fabric. (I’m making armwamers/ fingerless gloves for a costume.) Good times- except for a yarn bearing trunk attacking my knee… let’s just say she (it was a feminine yarn bearing trunk.) came off the worse.

After that we drove to Saint Andrews, and ate Fish ‘n’ Chips at the same little pub/restaurant (I forget the name.) that we went to last time. Their Fish ‘n’ Chips are freaking amazing. Nachos… not so much.

Much walking around then proceeded to happen, followed by ice cream eating. Finally we were ready to go and one of us came up with the bright idea of stopping by New River Beach on our way back.

We drove, practically melting into our seats the entire way… and we came to the beach it was cold. How do you like that. (I am exaggerating just a wee bit. Once you got in the water was wonderful, though due to the waves you couldn’t really swim- just bobbed up and down with the motion of the water. Beautiful huge waves… biggest I’ve ever seen.)

And that, in a nutshell, is our day trip yesterday. (A thoroughly boring post I’m sure, but I’m in a hurry to get off the computer, or else invoke the wrath of my Mother.)



3 thoughts on “Saint Andrews, Blacks Harbour, and YARN.

  1. Great! I missed the greater Cricket Cove (sigh)! I can’t believe your Dad really took you there. He really must love your mother. I like the “bobbing” image. It lets me visualize you guys at the beach. “The wrath of your mother…” Sheesh. Love ya…

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