Hey look- I jimmied with my site look. Or alternately, ‘I don’t like humid days.’

Right now I’m sitting on my bed, feeling rather sweaty and bug bitten. Also, I’ve broken out into hives for no apparent reason. Not my favorite feeling. (You? Nope, I didn’t think so.) but all the same I’m bloggeting since I got a stimulus to post in two ways this evening.

  • This. My friend’s new blog. She is awesome, so go and check it out. I’ll wait.
  • Back? Great. Number Two is the fact that in the whole of August I’ve blogged twice. (well, three times once I publish this.) That is sad. (Not so sad as last month when I sunk to a all time low of… wait for it… drumroll please… ONCE. Your complaints can be posted in the comments. Or joy as the case may be.)

And so, with the above points in mind (Can I just take a minute to point out how much I love bullet point?) I decided to take a look at WHY I don’t blog.

(Bullet point again! Told you I loved it.)

  • The ‘Theme’ I was using was getting really old and boring. How can a theme get boring you ask? It can. Okay? It. Just. Can. Look, just trust me on this one.
  • As was looking at my profile that for some stupid wordpressy reason doesn’t put space between my sentences. Hence whenever you try to read it you can feel your eyeball decay hastening. (You don’t have eyeball decay? Nonsense. How else could it hasten? Hmmmm?)
  • I found these cool widgety type things you can put on the side of your blog (I took a few small lessons in Html, but as I quickly forgot them, my computer knowledge quickly flat lined to where it was before. Nowhere. Which is Why it took me roughly a year to find out about these things.) which suddenly makes subscribing to *The Geek  so much more easy. Come on, I know that’s what you really wanted. Notifications in your inbox whenever I type some words into a box! Right??!!

So, with all this in mind I re-did a lotta stuff on here. Ain’t it jest oh-so-purtie now?

Hopefully all this should provide the motivation necessary to post more often. Until then I’m going to put my miserable hive-y self into bed.


* When I say ‘The Geek’ what I really mean is ‘A small and slightly annoying person who spouts on in various geeky spoutages, but does not have the actual creds to be the true and awesome geek that deserves the title… ‘The Geek’.

…I’m working up to it.

7 thoughts on “Hey look- I jimmied with my site look. Or alternately, ‘I don’t like humid days.’

  1. Hey Kaelen…I have a question…is your username selfadmittedgeek? Or is it something else?
    Because when I post, it shows up as “Post title By Marwyn” which is irritating me…because I like my blog name better than Marwyn…I suppose that’s a function of my template…:P
    That was my rant.

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