I would have posted earlier, but, really, my life is insanely boring. Aside from Interaction the other day the most exciting thing that really has happened are…the following. (Heck, I had to use something to post about. Let’s just ignore that I’ve already summed up everything I’m about to type in first sentence. IE: Insanely boring.)

Interaction. I already said that, but might as well repeat myself, since it’s all downhill from here. (from the reader’s perspective. )

    I started a hood/scarf thing. (find pictures at this url which wordpress won’t let me make a link:  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pfeiffer-falls-hooded-scarf)

    Pretty fun- except I started it five billion times.I. Just. Couldn’t. Get. It. The. Right. Width!!!!!! (ahem) I think I got it now- I’m using a needle two times smaller than the one they asked for.

    Re-read the following books:

    • Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen.)
    • The Hobbit (Tolkien)
    • The Amulet of Samarkand. (Johnathan Stroud)
    • The Golem’s Eye. (Johnathan Stroud. I’m still in the process of re-reading this one, actually.)

    I made a Brown Betty for lunch, with the crab apples that come from the tree that is a two second walk from our back door. It actually tasted good, surprisingly enough.

    And…. that’s pretty much it. Since I’ m starting to watch the fly on the ceiling with interest it might be time to end this post before I grow roots.

    3 thoughts on “

    1. You know how you said you wanted to ride Hawk at CSR next year?
      He’s even slower than Billy.
      Lisa, who was riding him this week, had a lot of trouble with him.
      Johnny’s better.
      But if you’re there at the same time as me, do not ride him.
      Because I will kill you.
      Because Johnny is mine.

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