Why hello peoples, and yes, I do still exist.  (too bad for you!)  My (ever so slightly pathetic) excuses for not posting as of late are as follows.

1. I went camping with Dad. (Quite the joyous experience.  The van broke down, and so we hiked fifteen or twenty km the first day. Including  the huge circle. We meant to walk that circle. Yup…    Two  km through a rasberry patch up to my waist. Slept through a rainstorm in a one man tent that leaked. Joyous. We’ll probably do it again next summer.)

2. I had 1.5 days in between hiking with Dad and circle square ranch, so technically, I could have posted then, but I was a wee bit concerned with loads of laundry, and last minute packing. I have this strange obsession with staying fully clothed when I’m away from home for a week. Odd,  I know.

3. I was at circle square ranch, which, as I think I mentioned in my last post, was paid for by my ever-so-lovely great grandparents. It was a great place with Archery (at which I suck), Canoeing (I got my first star in this, which quite frankly, surprised me.), swimming (in a teeny- weeny chlorinated pool, which was freakishly cold for the first half of the week.  I loved it.), and best of all horses! (I think my long suffering horse knew what to do better than me.)

4. These last few days I’ve been spending my computer time on finding under bust corset patterns. (I’ve got my heart set on making a steampunked regency outfit. The sad thing is, I’ll probably wear it every day too.) This means, that I don’t have any spare time to spend on my blog.  (let’s pass over the amount of time spent over Doctor Who, and Naruto)

Rabid Cupcakes and Vampire Cookies!



2 thoughts on “

  1. Which horse did you ride???
    The pool is definitely small and chlorinated…although chlorinated is better than having it green with algae and not being able to swim in it…true story, that…happened to me…
    You suck at archery??? What happened to all your ingrained elvish instincts? 😛
    Again…sorry for not calling yet…:(

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