A whole bag of random.

As of late I’ve been OD-ing on Doctor Who. Good heavens, that show is awesome! (although I’ve still been trying to forgive David Tennant for replacing Christopher Eccleston. Granted, I’m only in the beginning of the second season, so I can’t really talk. All the same… I’m bitter.)

In fact, when I went to my Interaction thing tonight I used this obsession for good. (everybody who had been accepted into -I believe- Advanced Performance Company Apprenticeship was there. We talked about the upcoming show, did monologues, and, well, I’ll tell more later.) we were told (since many of us only knew 1/5 of the people there) to say our names, what age we are, and what we were doing over the summer.

Two people answered that they we were going to New York, one guy (in my class, actually) announced he was four and a alcoholic.

I said, I was Kaelen, 13, (both things easily gleaned from my profile.) and a lover of Doctor Who.  Several people, when they heard this, cheered, and then, later on, it stood me in good stead (see? I told you I used this for good.) during those wonderful, fun, horribly awkward parts that Interaction likes to throw at you to break the ice.

Wonderful? Fun? Horribly Awkward? Ah, I piqued your curiosity now.

Well, here’s how it went. Since, as I said before, many people only knew, say, 1/5 of the people there, Kate (who runs everything.) Decided that first we had to go around and shake everybody’s hand. There were twenty-nine people there. That’s twenty eight hands to shake, most of who you don’t recognize.

After that, we got to go around and say one thing we had in common with everybody. Some were very, um, obvious. We both have brown hair, we are both in this room, glasses, both home schooled. One or two were more obscure. A few of these including Doctor Who mutual adoration.  (that’s the good stead part.)

Anyways, after that you’d think that Kate would let us off, and consider us all well introduced. Nope. Now we had to go around and hug everybody.

This, as I remarked to G. after wards was, “Either insanely fun, or insanely awkward.” Probably leaning towards the latter.

I don’t know what was stranger- the people who act as if hugging you is something completely beneath them, because you are something slimy and smelly, (although, in all fairness, they probably are just not enjoying hugging random people) or the people who rush at you (some of them complete strangers) and give you a hug as if you’re the first person they’ve seen in two years- and then go and do the same thing to the next person in their line of vision.

Have to say, on thinking it over, I dislike the former the more. They just accentuate the fact that you are rather weirded out by the whole procedure (although, if you are me, still enjoying it. 😛  ) whereas the latter just leaves me rather laugh-y. (I refuse to say giggly, since it sounds so… girly.)

Anyways, after we all became bestest friends through the power of the hug (and doctor who…) we went through and did our monologues. Since I had mentioned to the girl sitting next to me that I really hoped I didn’t have to go first… I of course pulled the number 1. Yay me.

And yet- it wasn’t bad. I did a good job on my performance I thought. (sounds horribly braggart-ish, but I really did think that!) and so did everybody else. (Really good. I was blown away by some of the acts.) And after wards two or three people said I did really well. (Kate pointed out that I’d only been going for eight months, and two of the highschoolers, who have been doing this for a long while, told me I did really well.)

….And now I’m going to leave you with that last, horribly braggart-ish, absorbed paragraph. What can I say? I’m a pig.


PS- what a extremely Interaction/ Doctor Who-ie post!


14 thoughts on “A whole bag of random.

    What a terrible friend you are…*huffs*
    J/K…great job on making it in!
    You had to hug everybody? Even..*gulp* the guys???
    Maybe Interaction isn’t such a good idea…

    • Dang, I thought I told you! *feels guilty* Anyways, now you know. Yes Margie. Even the guys. (In general guys are more out going though, or so I find, and so most of them were in the second, launch themselves at people group. Is this good or bad?) Interaction is a good idea! There is only one other homeschooled girl there, and I don’t know her that well…. I need you!

      • Kaelen…about the launch themselves at people…I’m fairly sure that that is REALLY BAD. Repeat, REALLY BAD. Although maybe that is just what all public schooled guys are like, and I don’t get out enough. :/ Anything’s possible…
        What’s the homeschoolied’s name? I might potentially know her…potentially…

  2. I knew you would get in. As soon as you told me you were going to try I knew it! Obviously you are the most talented actress in the 13yr old world and I am sooooo proud. Also so annoyed that I never get to see you acts…unless you count your ridiculously impromptu ones that occur at the strangest times!
    Love you

  3. Mark is also a huge fan of Dr Who. I hardly know WHO he is – bad pun. Hugs are good although a bit awkward if you don’t know the person. I am not surprised that you are doing so well with your acting.

    • Thanks for the encouragement with acting. 🙂

      Tell Uncle Mark I said ‘fantastic’. (If he, like me, thought Christopher Eccleston was awesome, he’ll know what I mean. If he is a David Tennant person though, just say Hi to him for me. 🙂 )

  4. I am of the mind that if you do something well and random people come up to you and tell you that you do something well…then you have full bragging rights. Although if you do something really bad and random people come up to you and tell you how badly you did then you absolutely do not have to mention it to another human being and you are fully justified in belittling the random people either in your head or under your breath. We are obligated to be our own best fan club. Go team Kaelen!

  5. Kaelen…
    The people reading your blog are sad.
    Like this :,( .
    Do you know why?
    Let me tell you why.
    June 22 was almost a month ago.
    *:,( sobs harder*
    His name is Bill, by the way.

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