1-Today is wet.

2- Yesterday was also wet.

3-And gloomy.

4-I’ve been doing lots of crafting.

5- I wonder what purple streaks would look like in my hair? Just subtly violet, nothing too in your face.

6- For almost two weeks now my family has been drinking lot’s of green smoothies (smoothies with lettuce, kale, other ‘green leafy things’, and fruit. Sounds disgusting, tastes really good.) and has been roughly 50% raw.

7- Also, since Saturday, I’ve been leaving off makeup. I’m doing it for one week, and already my acne is visibly better.

8- You see, it is a vicious circle- you put makeup on to cover up your zits, but  that just creates more. So you put more on… and more come, and… etc,etc.

9-What a boring post this is so far- I think the rain is sapping my creativity.

10-*insert something interesting and witty, that causes you to consider the world’s problems today long after you’ve read it*



9 thoughts on “

  1. Hi Kaelen, it is grey and wet here too – we too, are ready for warmth and sunshine.
    Which crafts have you done?
    Green food, I agree, is very tasty – too bad it doesn’t look good. Purple streaks – I am staying out of that one.

    • Hey Mary Lou,

      Crafts- a pair of over-the-elbow-length fingerless gloves (done in really skinny yarn, so it took me forever to knit, and I am happy to be done with them!), also I cut out the pattern pieces for a shirt re-fashioning session, and I’m knitting on a bag.

      As for the streaks, I’m going to wait three months, and then if I still want them I’ll get them. I figure it’s best to know your (my?) own mind on these type of rather permanent things.

      xox, K.

  2. You think YOU have acne. Gosh kaelen. You don’t know nothing. You have maybe two sits on your forehead. My whole face is covered with every form of acne known to man, and even some that isn’t.
    Bit no,I am not bitter. No, not me. Watch me being not bitter.
    Can’t wait for that dermatologist appointment six days from now…

    • I meant but. Not bit 😀
      Why don’t we have crusty rolls for breakfast in Canada?? This whole cold pizza thing just wasnt as great as crusty rolls with nutella and honey and cream cheese…
      *licks lips wolfishly*

  3. My sweet, makeup doesn’t cause acne. Not washing makeup off may affect it. Wash in the AM, moisturize with a good moisturizer, and wash every night without exception. Exfoliate twice weekly. Gosh!

  4. I think purple streaks sound fun! And, no, don’t wait three months. The fun thing about hair dye is that if it’s hideous make it a different color. Zits seem to be a teenage curse. Except for Auntie Jesse who had (and still has) perfect skin. I don’t have any great ideas here, except keep your face clean; restrict to eye makeup (I’ve never heard of a zit on an eyelid before)and struggle on. One day you’ll be an adult–no zits–now you deal with cellulite (sigh). Oh well, think about something that makes you happy. Life does not consist in what’s on the outside. What’s inside is eternal.

    • Or…alternatively…get a referal to a dermatologist and get meds! Strong meds! Meds that they only put you on when everything else has failed!
      The big guns have come.
      I agree about the eye makeup. You can pretty well go crazy with eye makeup and not have to worry about blocking your skin…:P although too much is a bad thing…unless you’re Kaelen…who looks great in dark eyeshadow..:D

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