The story of R2D2

Once upon a time there was a little blue and white robot.

One day him and his golden friend made the big time, and got into the movie biz.

They had a good run of it until, one day, George came up to where the entire cast was and said, “Guess what guys? Now we get to make the prequel trilogy!”

Everybody was really excited. (except Natalie, once she found out what she was expected to hold on her head.) But then George took Our Little Robot Hero aside, and told him” I’m sorry…. it’s just not working out. Steven and I….well….we’ve  found somebody else.”

Apparently Artoo had just aged too much. “How could I stay nice and squeaky clean… you were shoving me in friggin sand dunes, and you dare to speak to me of age!?”

But, looking at the contender, our bot had to admit that the clean glow coming off him, was just something he hadn’t experienced in a while.

Why, just look at all these special bonus features! Like this one:

And this one…

kenny-baker-r2d2.jpg R2D2 Unmasked image by MARNEYtheGHOST

Yes, Our Hero knew when he was beat, and he hightailed it out of there, (but only after getting Ewan McGregor’s autograph.) with the likes of original Yoda, and un-cheesy writing.

Artoo tried to live a normal life, he really did. He got a new job and everything…

But something just wasn’t right.

Eventually he gave up, and let his evil, steampunk side take over. And yet… he found he wasn’t completely forgotten. One day a man came up and told him that he was writing a show, and Artoo had just the look the needed.

And once Artoo found his way back on to the stage… he knew he had never really left.

Authors note: none of these pictures belong to me. Also, this is totally what happened.


4 thoughts on “The story of R2D2

  1. Wow! What an imagination! Maybe you should give up acting and concentrate on writing. Or spinning tall tales. Or tongue in cheek observations. Oh what the heck…you’re so amazing you can do all three and still have time for a full time job.

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