Ah…. awake-ness… how grand.

If you have just read my last blog post you might be wondering just how tired  I was. The answer can be summed up in what time I got ready for bed last night:

(ready for it?)

6:00 pm. (granted, I didn’t go to sleep for another three hours, but I lay there, dozing-ish, all the same.)

The strange thing is I don’t know what it was that made me so tired. My acting experience was basically waiting in the dressing room for AGES (playing hang man if you are me. If you were one of the eight year old girls you would be playing with your DSes, and I-pod touches. Yes, I-pod touch. At least two of the girls there had them.) and then finally going on stage, doing our bit, more waiting, our second scene, and finally, curtain call. (So many people messed up their curtain calls. But since they were mostly the little kids their cuteness saved them.)

Anyways, that was about the gist of it. As I’ve already said we were in two shows (doing the same two scenes each time.).

There were a few small  mistakes in the school performance, but (and I’m pretty sure I’ve already said this too.) our public performance was flawless.

We still have a cast party, and I have audition (though I’m just doing it for the experience, not for anything serious.) but Interaction is basically over… till next year, anyways.

In other news: Knitting, embroidery (finally finished a piece I’ve had stashed away for four months. I only needed to give it five minutes and it was done. Makes you wonder why I didn’t just do it right away…. probably for the same reason I’ve got five other projects that still need to be finished. ;P ), and drawing.

Nothing too interesting.

And…. that about wraps up this very blah, un-witty post.



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  1. Who would think that pretending to be someone that you’re not would require so much effort? Oh well, rest up while you can. Life goes on in spite of how tired we are. I’m glad you did good and didn’t embarrass yourself in any unrecoverable way. Hope you enjoy your party! Let me know how your audition goes.

  2. Miss K, I thoroughly enjoy your posts and find myself laughing right out loud quite often. You have quite a way with words:) Have a great day xo

    • Thanks for the encouragement! It’s always nice to know that all my typings aren’t just being sucked into the Vortex Of Blah, which is what it feels like somedays. 😛 Here’s hoping your day goes smoothly as well.


  3. No, it´s my posts that get sucked into the vortex of blah…I think I have exactly 3 people who read my blog.
    German keyboards are weird…

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