We’re playing at the Imperial today, and tomorrow.

According to the little clock on our laptop screen, it isn’t even 7:00 am yet.  I can’t sleep though… believe me, I’ve tried.

So, if I can’t sleep, what better to do than post?  And while I’m posting what better to do than shamelessly self advertise? Because (drum roll please.) the reason I’m having trouble sleeping is:

I- along with the rest of Interaction’s cast B- am going to be preforming this morning for schools gathered to watch us…. AT THE IMPERIAL!

(takes a deep breath)

And, tomorrow, we will have our public performance (also at the Imperial) – which, if you live in Saint John, NB- I am commanding you to come to!

(takes another deep breath, sits down, realizes this blog post isn’t finished yet, stands back up)

In case you don’t know what is so great about the Imperial Theater allow me to explain- It is only the best (and I think the oldest, though I might be wrong about that fact, so don’t quote me) theater in all of Atlantic Canada.

(lets you all consider that)

Yesterday was our dress rehearsal, so we got to figure out our blocking for the stage, try not to fall into the orchestra pit (I disregarded all the pink lines and red X’s and surprised myself when I realized I was only a foot away from the pit. Breaking a leg day before a performance -especially over something that dumb- not good.) and other dress rehearsal-ish stuff.

In our group we have two scenes: Reversing Falls, and Chubb’s Corner. Out of these two scenes I’ve have the most lines in our group (either I do, or Avery does. One of us, anyways, the other being a close contender.) which means I have a lot of opportunities to bosh things up.

However, (at the dress rehearsal, anyways) I didn’t bosh things up (except for a little bit at the end, and nobody noticed.) and about five different people (Instructors, and peeps from the Advanced Performance Company.) either said to us, or I over heard them remark to someone else, that our group ROCKED. 🙂

(gives a moderate amount of time for applause)

(is still waiting)

(is still wai- oh never mind)

Anyways, I’ll just let you all go now, so you can buy tickets for tomorrow’s show. ‘Cause that’s what you’re going to go do now… right???

6 thoughts on “We’re playing at the Imperial today, and tomorrow.

    • Thanks!

      Everything went fine.

      There were a few minor goofs (though nobody noticed them except for the people who did them) yesterday at the school performance, but today, for the public performance both of our scenes went off without a hitch! (and since in the second scene I have the most lines this was a relief to me!)

  1. oh my goodness K’ln what a drama queen! it’s a good thing we got you into acting. i’d hate to see all that talent(?) and energy go to waste.

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