Muhahahaha! I am the Saint John River! I am so evil my throat hurts!

So….We had a rehearsal yesterday for the play that is going to be coming out. And tomorrow we meet for our regular Tuesday thing. Ah… cramming. (Note: Cramming is a word that I got out of Anne of Green Gables meaning a period of intense study in the short time before a important test, or some such.)

Our group FINALLY got the second third of our scene. Just now. Even though it’s, like, less then two weeks until production time… (unless I’ve got my dates completely screwed up.) Well, at least we GOT it.

I end up yelling a lot of my lines, because I’m either being a evil river (no laughing at my evil river-ness!) or I’m flipping out at Nick. (Note the Second: I’m flipping out at him because it’s in our scene. I’m not actually angry at him.) This means that by the end of it my voice is rather sore. :S

Also, do you have any idea how hard it is to maintain eye contact with someone who is telling you off. I dunno why. Psychological I guess.

It’s my Mom’s thirty second birthday tomorrow. This means I should get her something. Her birthday present is probably going to be late… at times I’m not a very dutiful daughter.

It was my Dad’s thirty fourth birthday a few days ago (I contributed two pies, and a bucket of icecream for his present. Hey, you can’t say it wasn’t practical!)

Dude… my parents are getting old.



7 thoughts on “Muhahahaha! I am the Saint John River! I am so evil my throat hurts!

  1. Keeping eye contact with someone who is telling you off…that amused me greatly.
    There are a number of pointed remarks I could make here which you could tease me about later…but I will refrain.
    When exactly is your production?

  2. Kaelen: not to be disrespectful to your parents but the adage “aging is inevitable but maturity is optional” comes to mind. Glad your part is coming together for the play. A good actor is able to play parts that aren’t who they are in real life that’s why it’s called acting. So, get into a head space that is angry at Nick for whatever he’s suppose or not suppose to be doing. How dare he act like that? Who does he think he is? I’m going to set him straight, etc. You can put on your nice girl persona after reherseal.

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