Random Roll.*

Since my imagination is utterly failing me here, and I can’t seem to come up with anything to type that is PURE AWESOME (not that I ever have.) you are going to get a brain dump…. or as the Politically Correct people like to call it: Ten Things About Me.

  1. Interaction last night.
  2. Apparently only nerds read Naruto.
  3. I think Naruto is coolness incarnate.
  4. But, then again, I think we’ve already accepted my geeky-ness, so no surprises here.
  5. Apparently ‘normal people’ (term used VERY loosely) watch the ‘Family Channel’. Now, everybody knows that every time somebody switches to the family channel a baby bunny dies. ARE YOU A MURDERER?
  6. But, then again, my family doesn’t have cable. Or a cell phone. (It’s kinda’ refreshing, actually.) Or most anything that is considered ‘cool’. Jeez, nobody in my house even owns a I-pod. (And if we did the kids would probably destroy it in two seconds.)
  7. Although my Dad does have a whole bunch of music related technological stuff in his studio.
  8. But now I’m just rambling.
  9. We went to Irving Nature park last Saturday, with one of my friends. Good times. Together we obsessed over Mud and Logs respectively. ( I lovies mud daubing.)

10. Right now my three year old brother is ‘setting up’ the chessboard. Whenever he puts down a piece onto the board he says, “Dat dos right der,” which I find inordinately cute.

11. (yes, I know, I said Ten Things About Me. Deal with it.)  I have a rehearsal on Sunday. I hope that we rehearse at the Imperial! (Especially so since the rooms in Interaction are rather small for the ENTIRE cast to rehearse there.)

    I’m out.


    * Don’t ask. Just one of those things I’ve been scarred for life with.

    7 thoughts on “Random Roll.*

    1. I don’t get the * at all…:P
      Yes…obsessing over logs…with interesting names…:P *hums innocently*
      Imperial is really awesome, you’ll like it there…the stage is huge…
      Music Festival week…yaaayy…

    2. Therefore…refer to it as an “ipod”. You will be correct.
      Just finished watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone…
      Harry is so adorable as an 11 year old…so small!!!!!!
      I love Wood…the accent…*sighs* so lovely…*sighs again*
      Am not a total Firenze fan…Kaelen reads this and screams…:P

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