Mmmm… weekend…

This morning: woke up a eight thirty, got dressed, and walked up to the batch bakery with my little brother. (not my youngest little brother. The big little brother.) We brought home a six pack of cinnamon buns (sugary pastry for breakfast. Totally good for you.) and might have just maybe, perhaps, hypothetically split a gingerbread man between us. (You know how last Christmas when I ate too much icing, and blogged about it I said I would never want to eat gingerbread men again? Yeah… well…goes to show that I’m just not trustworthy!)

This ‘later morning’: Read (reread, actually) some more of The Hobbit. (or there and back again.) Cleaned my room. (which I just finished re-arranging and completely cleaning yesterday, so it was nice and easy.) Drew…. Barrymore! (Hah, random, I just felt like tacking that on, even though the type of ‘Drew’ I’m talking about has to do with pen and paper, not the actor.)

This afternoon: Met up with a friend (I know, I know, I always just say ‘a friend’, but that’s because I don’t like using names -aside from my family’s… I don’t mind endangering them- on my blog.) and we walked uptown together. Candy Boutique, Library,  (Naruto is still not in, and seeing as how I’m third on the list,probably won’t be for a while.) Celtic Cove ( the yarnshop), Coles (we looked at the Twilight Graphic Novel, and mocked it) Random Stores, Candy Boutique. (again.)

I randomly met two people from Interaction.

We ended up sitting outside of Candy Boutique (by wooden people emerging out of the ‘hall’ and  strange pieces of ‘art’. It’s a big tourist hotspot, but since there aren’t any cruise ships yet it was fairly peaceful.) sucking/munching on our pieces of solidified sugar and reading books. (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for her, Spindles End for me. Both very good books.)

After wards we walked home (by the Harbor Passage) both very hyper. It was quite fun being that hyper, actually. (Not quite so fun for the innocent pedestrians passing by overhearing us. Especially when we got to the bit about bloody knitting needles. However, we talk about those even we we’re not hyper.)

Anyways, I got home, talked to my Mom, was told by my little sister that she ate cat food while I was gone, (“It tasted good… like rotten mushrooms!”), which brings me to where I am now- posting.

K-len out.


5 thoughts on “Mmmm… weekend…

  1. CRICKET cove, Kaelen!!!
    Rotten mushrooms taste good? Blech…I don’t even like proper mushrooms…
    Lots of sugar….muahahahaha..

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