I have not posted in way too long, and by this time you guys probably think that I’m a big enough Avatar geek to leave that post up there forever. (Not quite.)

So, since you guys are so lucky you’re going to get ten random brain sludge notes about me. Don’t you feel special?

1. I celebrated my (two month and twenty days late) thirteenth birthday with two friends on Saturday. This included food, yarn fondling, candy, poking ourselves with sharp objects, and, of course, Twilight mocking.

2. I turned one of said friends over to the dark side… another harry potter fan walks the earth! MUHAHAHAHA!

3. Interaction was this Tuesday. Fun, but mildly awkward. Dang, I wish we would actually find out what are parts for the upcoming play will be! (Yes, they will be small, tiny, minuscule parts. Who cares, I’m still going to be inside the Imperial!)

4. The last skating of the year was yesterday. Now I have to wait until this winter before I can get any more chances to embarrass and/or injure myself on the ice.

5. I disagree with Margie.  Saint John sucks deeply when it comes to warmth. (except for the two days of August when everything is over cast and muggy.)

6. My Auntie Jesse arrived late last night via air travel. We get her for the next two weeks… yay-ness!

7. School. ‘Nuff said.

8. I’m re-reading Pride and Prejudice for the third time. (browsing through all the good parts doesn’t count.) This means that I read all my favorite bits aloud with the required british accent. (‘Allo, Guv’ner! Top ‘o the morning to yeh!)

9. I vacumed my bedroom yesterday. I voluntarily do this little enough to make a  note of it when I do do it. (did that sentence make any sense?)

10. I got a new CD from my Grandma A.. If you’re reading this Grandma, thanks!



PS: Ils cuisinent. Ils ne mangent pas. Oh yeah! (No, I’m not sure if  I got that down correctly. No, it’s not at all relevant. Why do you ask?)


6 thoughts on “

  1. Hey Kaelen…I get to read HP now too!
    I will need to borrow the last one once I get there…but my grandfather has the other 6 covered…
    Am very pleased..:)

  2. Well not really…but he is a good literature fan!!!
    I love Mrs. Law!!
    See…my mom was out for a walk with Mrs. Law, and they started talking about HP…then Mrs. Law said that it was time…:)
    Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aaa…

  3. Hey K: I’m glad you like the CD. I was torn over that one (I liked the voices and lyrics) and another one (Auntie J said he sounded like Michael Jackson which is not necessarily a bad thing). So maybe when I’m rich again I’ll send you the other one. It’s hard buying CD’s for someone else. I hope you’re still enjoying Auntie Jesse. Don’t let her bully you into “organic” or “clean feak” or anything else. Glad you’re still enjoying interact. Hope you get to be a famous actress. Then you can support me in my old age. I’ll try and email you later. Right now I gots company. GA

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