My Mom and I went to see the movie ‘Avatar’ the other night.

 Unusual for us to go to the theater- unless it is a movie based on a book. (Hary Potter, and -please don’t throw tomatoes- New Moon, come to mind.)

 So, during the previews I was thinking that it was a lot of money to spend, and I hoped it lived up to my expectations.

  After the movie I was just thinking: Oh. MY. GOSH. (well, I was also thinking of my urgent bladder situation, but I’m not going to go down that path….)

  The plot of  ‘Avatar’ is very cliche- but the movie itself is complete eye candy.

 True, they didn’t do half as much as I thought they would with the 3D aspect. All told they only ‘used’  it three or so times, and (correct me if I’m wrong.) not at all during any of the flying scenes.

 But I was so swept up in the settings and characters to really care.  The backgrounds really made me think of pictures of the colorful coral reefs under the ocean.

  I’ve heard of the aliens in the movie described as ‘vaguely catlike’, though they also reminded me of fish and monkeys. (Though when I close my eyes and try to envision a feline fish-key I don’t get anything close to the creatures of the movie.) Either way the ‘Na’vi’ are excellent aliens to be matched with the planet ‘Pandora’.

 I would go into greater depth in this post (probably more like stare at the laptop and wonder what to type next.) but Mom wants the computer so….



6 thoughts on “Avatar…

  1. I meant the urgent bladder situation…:) Although if you don’t want to disclose that on the Internet that’s fine 🙂

  2. I like cliche movies. When I pay good money to see a movie I want the good guys to win. I want the hero to get the girl. I want the bad guys to get their come uppence and I want people to live happily ever after. And I definately want eye candy. Although our definition of eye candy may differ depending on our respective ages. And I don’t want it to be so obvious that I’m getting what I want in a movie–it has to be subtle. Needless to say–it’s hard to find a good movie. Sigh!!! And yes, one of the signs of a truly good movie is holding your (umm) fluids for that mad rush to the ladies room. I will watch Avatar on your recommendation.

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