Recipe for crazy small children:


Four small children.

One small dog owner.

One teacup yorkie.

One teenage babysitter with a hour old filling. (aka ME.)

Mix thoroughly, then run, and/or laugh your head off as I try to keep the kids from killing the poor pup.

Okay, off the computer, and back to the fray.

3 thoughts on “Recipe for crazy small children:

  1. Who’s dog, Kaelen? Did it survive your sibs? Is it as patient as your cat? I think that cat deserves sainthood or something because Fiona and Simon are freakin’ mean!!!! You only have two cavities? That’s pretty good considering how long it’s been since you were at the dentist. Take good care of your teeth. Dentists are really expensive and dental care always ends up on the bottom of “needs” list. Somewhere after groceries, mortgage payment, clothing, car insurance, etc, etc, etc. Enjoy your youth Kaelen, maturity brings responsibility and all kinds of payments.

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