One extremely short post to go.

This is just to say that I went to the dentist’s today.

Hence my first filling… and a  very sore mouth as the anthastetic wears off.

For some reason, my mouth wasn’t freezing fast enough, so I ended up getting poked with that  needle (which was, like, my first needle since I got vaccinations as a baby.) three times. When I came out I was barely understandable in a conversation. :S

13 thoughts on “One extremely short post to go.

    • Well, Dr Campbell herself is actually pretty nice.. I just don’t like having my mouth jabbed with sharp, pointy, noisy things. And of course, since I’m so lucky, I get to go in next Friday, and get the opposite tooth done.

  1. First filling!
    This is a true milestone for you…
    My first filling was…when I was 7 or 8…I think…one tooth…
    Then last year a really little one that I didn’t need a needle for…:)
    Hate dentists…

    • I don’t like getting my teeth filled… but at least the dentist is nice, so there is a flip side to it. Of course it is rather hard to make polite conversation when you have a DAROOSHING RUBBER DAM IN YOUR REALLY FIGWIGGIN SORE MOUTH, so I didn’t get to know her all that well.

  2. Ummm…quick question…
    Why did you have a rubber dam in your mouth? Was it like that tray thingy that they put fluoride in?
    Or was this during your filling?

  3. Aunty J wouldn’t have her beautiful smile if it wasn’t for her talented dentist. I don’t know why she’s booing the dentist. She thinks it’s cool to rip hair out by roots by melting HOT WAX and applying it to various body parts. Now that’s painful!

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