Random brain spew.

My mom and I were talking last night, and I was telling her all about the wide world of fan-fiction.  You’ve got your Mary Sues, your Gary Stus (also known as Marty Stu),  your OC’s (short for Original Character), your pairings, and Fanon vs Canon. (Just to mention a few terms.)

I went on in this vein for some time until my Mom stopped me and said, “Wow, Kaelen, you really know a lot of this…um….’fanfiction’ slang.”

I just sat on the couch for a minute with a grin across my face before saying something like, “Aw yeah, my nerd terminolgy is da best!” (Okay, I didn’t actually say that. I forget what I said. Great Zooks, you’re hard to please.)

For another completely random topic: I watched ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame” with the kids the other day.

It… uh… wasn’t my favorite Disney movie ever. (“The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast” make that position. And I know that two movies can’t be one thing. Yes, it is madness. Just like me!)

I knew before hand that the book was dark, but I thought they toned it down for the Disney remake. (Heck, Ariel is supposed to turn into a air sprite.. or sea foam. One of those.) It was toned down… but I still think  they could have gotten rid of the creepy old man crush. Ugh.

Also…  I really need to get a binder for all my drawings. Because, if I don’t I’m sort of afraid that the mass that is acumalating on our fridge could potentially come to life,and slowly ooze (rustle, actually. I don’t think paper oozes.) it’s way across the house, digesting everything in it’s path.

What?!? It could happen!

In other news… God, please make some serious sunny days happen… my tomato plants aren’t growing. (True they are only- what– three days old, but still! And, no, I have no idea what the word ‘patience’ means.)


5 thoughts on “Random brain spew.

  1. Hmm…gotta love your Mary Sues…kidding…nobody loves Mary Sues…
    OCs are great though…
    Happily I actually knew what you were talking about through the whole first paragraph…mwa ha ha ha ha…
    It was sunny for a while about an hour ago…but the sun is going down now…
    Zellers doesn’t have 3.5 DPNs right now!!! Arrgggg…

  2. For my sockies…
    So I can finally give yours back on Wednesday..
    But I found them, at any rate. Nice bamboo ones at Wall Mart.

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