Holy zooks…

… Has it really been that long?

(checks calendar) Yep, it has!

Heck, it’s now march break, (which is sorta disappointing to me, since being a homeschooler I don’t get march break…but I digress) meaning that practically all the weekly lessons I’ve been going to are canceled for the time being. 😦

Simon’s third birthday was almost a week ago (Feb 21st) so, I’ll  say this: I may get pictures posted, but there is a great likely hood I won’t get pictures posted. Just warning you. (if you are desperate for cute toddler pictures, there’s always my Mom’s blog.)

I finally gave a much needed up date to my profile. You can see it that away. —->

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Olympics lately (as have we all, I’m sure.) I’m no big sports fan, but I know enough to not ask a hockey lover what the big deal is about, say, winning gold.

I mean, I know it’s great and all that… just seems a wee bit extreme all the money we’re spending on games. When did games stop being just for fun, anyways?

Alright, alright, I’ll stop. Now would you stop throwing those explosive pucks at me?

Last Saturday a friend of mine lent me the Eragon series, and I just finished ‘Brisinger’ this morning. Good books, though maybe a bit clichéd.

Reminds me, thought I should tell that the hallowed spot in my heart for the Harry Potter series…. has been taken over by the Bartimeaus series. (Johnathan Stroud.)

It’s strangely enough not very well known, yet it is so good.

I command you all: go to the library and check it out! (Or you could just come and borrow the series from me…)

I’ve finished the mittens that I mentioned in my last post. One of my friends lurves them very much… to the point of hilarity for me. (I thinks it’s the beautiful thick and thin, handpainted yarn that I used which makes her go crazy. 😛 )



8 thoughts on “Holy zooks…

    And I don’t really watch that much hockey…but it’s the Olympics…and it’s kind of cool…
    Eh..Kaelen…it’s likelihood. Not likely hood.
    BTW, in the new profile…what is GTG?

  2. Aaaaahhh….
    Canada did win gold by the way. In case you didn’t get my excited e-mail about the overtime Crosby goal…
    I get hyper just thinking about it..

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