Sitting on the couch…

…listening to my little sister singing at the top of her lungs as she spins in circles.

Went to the building Dad (really my grandparents) is buying soon. He’s got a renter all lined up to move in as soon as it belongs to us, so we spent most of the afternoon cleaning (me) and painting( him). I never want to see a mop again!

Why are (some) renters always so sloppy when the move? It’s not like the magical fairy’s are going to clean your mess… have some respect people! Jeez.

The lady who owns the place now gave me a huge box of Nancy Drew, and Bobbsey Twin mysteries that used to belong to her daughter. It made my day! (I’m not huge on Nancy Drew, but that many books lying spread out on my bed never fails to put a smile on my face.)

My grandparents left a couple of days ago, at three thirty in morning. Great visit, much fun was had by all…. and my room is now officially awesome!

We had a turkey dinner before they left, and as a very late christmas present I got a sweet, flowery (In nice, muted colors- not Barbie girl/ flower powerie at all) chandelier! Be still my heart.

It isn’t actually put up yet, but whenever I look at the box I am very happy.  🙂

Who knows, when everything is done I might even post some pictures.

A really good friend is going to the New Brunswick Spelling Bee tomorrow. So if a minor earthquake goes off you can just know it’s from her spelling prowess. 😛

Sorry for the very small post today, but I must fly. (seriously -with wings and everything.)


PS: I am not at all sexist, but I find it amusing that WordPress just told me I should replace my choice of word ‘Lady’ with ‘Woman’, because ‘Lady’ is, in their words, “Biased language.”

7 thoughts on “Sitting on the couch…

  1. Ha ha…prepare to be earthquaked…
    You really should put up your chandelier…
    See you tomorrow…
    Hyper hyper hyper…should actually go study something for a bit…

    • I know…but I need Dad’s help to put up my chandleir. And I should probably leave him alone: He just a did a big renovation on the kitchen. Mom’s valentines day gift, I guess.

  2. I see…
    And BTW, I may not be able to spell prelate, but it’s chandelier, not chandeleir.
    Sorry. I just had to make that comment.

    • I know that it was spelled wrong (though I fully admit to not knowing how to spell it correctly), but I was too lazy to use my spell check. What does prelate even mean? I’ve been wondering since the bee…

  3. What is it with Fiona and her singing? She seems to feel “if it’s not loud, it’s not singing.” You need to let your Dad know that the purpose of a light is…well you know….to illuminate. Can’t do it’s job if it’s in the box. Duh! Since I have both money and time invested in your bedroom (yes, all praise greatly appreciated) I feel I am allowed to criticize other people’s non-participation in said room. On the otherhand I also appreciate your Dad’s full participation in getting the new apartment ready to rent (insert loud praise, cheering and kudos here). Also many thanks to you grasshopper for your help and mop talents. Gotta go gather with the saints. Love ya lots.

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