It happens every time.

I go on my blog… and suddenly my mind goes blank. Completely, and utterly blank. (Okay, maybe a just a  bit of an exaggeration… but you get the point.)

When I’m not on the computer I have wonderful, witty ideas for posts, yet as soon as I go on open Firefox nothing.

It’s not that I have a lack of things going on in my life: My Grandparents are here from BC, I just attended three social functions in the last two days, and yet… urg. When I try to actually write….oieghioQIEHJF. Excuse me- I was banging my head on the keyboard.

Okay, I can do this, I’ll just take a deep breath and post.

Grandparents: I know I’ve already talked about them in my last post (well, sorta) but I might as well talk about them even more.

My Grandma is helping me paint/decorate my bedroom (yes, that’s right, my OWN room!) as a Christmas/Birthday present.

It’s great throwing ideas back and forth, about, well, everything to do with paint, rooms, beds, decor, and many, many other things.

My Papa (my name for my maternal grandpa) is a great gym goer. He is very interested in body building, and is in fact a boxing coach. Although I enjoy the gym I’m not allowed in the particular one he’s got a membership for (too young).

This does not bug me in the least though. Because while he is in the gym- I can go to the library. (a hint to all you book lovers otherwise known as ‘book worms’, or ‘people who seemingly eat books  try ”Rose Daughter’ by Robin McKinley. Good, good, good!)

Also, all those social events I mentioned? Yesterday I entered a Geo Bee challenge with some other people in the homeschooling group. (national geographic’s  Geographic Bee- a test to see who knows the most about Geography.) Last night I went to Interaction (So. Much. Fun.) and today I went to the Stewart Hurley ice skating rink with some good friends. (Just like most Wednesdays)

And now, to finish this post off, 3 random facts. (because I am feeling much too lazy to even contemplate doing ten. Okay, I lied, I can contemplate it, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to do it.)

1- I’ve just got a pair of spandy new sheep skin lined (so much for animal friendly) uggs. Perhaps not the most stylish footwear, but certainly the most comfortable and warm. I often wear them indoors as slippers-  I am now in fact- when I can pry them off of my Mom’s feet.

2-Also to be recommended: “The Thief Lord” by Cornelia Funke. I enjoyed this much more than her Inkheart series. Also “Dave at Night” By Gail Carson Levine, and  “The Bartimaeus Trilogy” by Johnathan Stroude. There’s more, but I’ll stop.

3- I am knitting the second in a pair of mittens. (destined for me.)

I’m out!



7 thoughts on “

  1. A very interesting post my deary although I have to disagree with the statement regarding the Thief Lord. The Inkheart series was way wAY WAY better and I for one didn’t even make it all the way through the Thief Lord on account of I found it boring…
    too each his own my little friend 😀

  2. The Thief Lord I have seen in the store but have not read…just like many other things…Dave at Night is good though…but if we are talking Cornelia Funke wasn’t Inkheart the best of the best? Okay maybe not the last one, but still.
    And Brendan Fraser as Mo was a stupid casting glitch.

    • No, it was not! My faves of hers are “The Thief Lord”, and the *last* two Inkheart books. The first was just annoying. Ugh, I agree with you there. What the heck were the directors even thinking??? He completely slaughtered Mo. But then again, I only liked one or two- dustfinger, and maybe Elinor- of the casting choices, so there you are. (and why did Mo-no accent- produce a daughter with a british accent in the movie???)

  3. I have to say Rose Daughter is b-o-r-i-n-g! Not unlike wading thru mud or eating some green vegetable because it’s good for you. It’s funny how two people can read the same book and have totally different reactions. Loved the way your room turned out. Did Dad get your chandelier up? Can you post a picture so I can see? Have you done anything else to your room yet? Keep me posted.

    • I like ‘Beauty’ better, but ‘Rose Daughter’ was good too…. just in different way. According to the reviews you’re not alone, ton’s of people think that Beauty was better. I just appreciate them for what they each are. (I got a bit tired of how everything was shaped like roses though. “And then she ate her rose soup, and pooed rose poop in her rose shaped toleit, and went to bed in her rose shaped blankets…”)

      No, soon, sorta…

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