My Grandparents (maternal) are visiting from British Columbia. It’s kinda neat how one day someone can be on the other side of Canada …. and later the same day they’re on the not-other (?) side of Canada.

It has been great seeing them again, catching up (I haven’t seen my Grandma in a year… Grandpa in a year and a half!), and in general, goofing off.

I went to the gym this afternoon with my Papa. Pretty fun, in a sweaty sort of way.

I also visited the Sally Ann this morning… I got  a  shirt, a sweater, and two books. The books are more exciting to me then the clothes though!

I’ve been crafting quite a bit lately…. a skirt… (well, I sort of refashioned the skirt out of a pair of jeans)a hat… and a mitten. Well, more like three-quarters of a mitten- it’s still a work in progress.

At Interaction we’re learning monologues. It’s fun, I find, to get up and read/ recite your bit, or do an impromptu speech, or whatever. I’m one of the few who thinks so though- a lot of the other kids the instructors have to ‘voluntell’. (Basically:the  Instructor says : Jane, you  said that you’d got up the last three times-do you want to be voluntold?)

I’ve chosen my monologue from the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Kay… I’m out.


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  1. kaelen..the geochallenge was yesterday and you haven;t posted about it???!!!
    Shame shame. I will make your life miserable at skating.

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