Look… it’s a post!

Quick Bob, take a picture, it’s an elusive Selfadmittedgeek post! You rarely ever find these just wandering around!


This has to be a quickie so I’m going to use the good ol’ ten things format.

  1. I’m officially thirteen. As of January the seventh- a teenager. (I was quite relieved to find out that I hadn’t magically evolved into a -as I like to call them- mallhead. Shudder.)
  2. We have a hole in our wall. (This happens kind of often in our house) But the hole in the wall is a good thing- it’s going to lead to all sorts of renovationly things, like bedrooms for everyone. (Finally… a room of my own to do my teenager angsting.) We’ve got Fiona’s room done so far- it’s like pink-land. Mom’s finally got a place to put all of her ballerina pictures.
  3. The kids seem to have some sort of bug. They’ve all puked, yet are still running around quite energetically. (?)
  4. Interaction is starting up again tomorrow-this makes me quite happy.
  5. I have sewed my self a skirt, (more like refashioned.) which makes me feel fulfilled. Materials: Jeans which I love, but are too short for me. Panel of awesome corduroy from way to big skirt. Black Thread (From Mom’s sewing box) time, sweat, and a few tears.(with all the trying-s on I got poked by pins way to many times, in rather tender places. At least no (visible) blood was shed.)
  6. Went sledding yesterday, which was quite fun. A lot of the sledding was done on our bums rather then on our sleds though…
  7. Made Banana muffins today. Were quite good.
  8. Mom has a blog, which means that you can go and tell her you want pictures. (link below)
  9. My socks need to be darned. (can you tell I’m getting desperate here? I go on my blog, and my mind goes blank)
  10. Oh, yeah, you might want to know that I’m fine- my stomach is feeling great now. (although with this bug going around who knows how long that will last…) I just had… ‘problems’ with too much icing. (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, look at my last post.)


The link-


12 thoughts on “Look… it’s a post!

  1. Kaelen…
    The sledding was detrimental to my ski pants.
    I must have torn the huge hole in the seat of my pants on Sunday, then spent all of yesterday skiing with a hole in the seat of my pants.
    So that’s why everyone was trying to pass me…

  2. Wait…Bob?
    Like with the monkey?
    *sings* If it hasn’t got a tail it’s not a monkey, if it hasn’t got a tail, it’s an ape…
    If this counts as harassment feel free to report me…

  3. *does evil grin* Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha…
    Didn’t we find it on youtube? Or not…
    Like that Bob? *pants eagerly*

  4. We’re coming over to a house full of sick kids? What terrible planning. Jess & Ray are in Mexico soaking up the rays. You should be able to catch some pics on facebook. See you in two days. Love, love, hug, hug, etc.

  5. So that’s who’s coming to Kaelen’s house…
    You should post about the sick children. Or at least e-mail me. Friends are for sharing trials and tribulation.

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