Almost Christmas. And other things- like tea.

Day before yesterday I went with the Christs to a mock spelling bee, (I went out on my second try. 😛 I had no idea which word I was supposed to spell! It was ‘Hock’, which I can  spell- I’m not that dumb- I just had no idea that was the word!) and then afterwards to Infusion.

A wonderful little tea shop, which I recommend to any one in Saint John. However, word to the wise, if you never drink caffeinated beverages it would be a good idea not to start doing so at four in the afternoon. Let’s just I learned the hard way. (although that tea was almost worth it -mmm.)

So, how is every one doing Christmas wise? Have you broken down over the gift lists yet? Had a nervous collapse when you realized that you still hadn’t bought your Great Aunt Hettie anything, and its Oh-My-Goodness-Eight-Days-Till-Christmas?

I’ve decided (In all the wisdom that almost thirteen years of life has brought me.) to actually not stress myself over gifts this year.

I’ve already got Jarvis’ gift (‘The Big Friendly Giant’- I’m reading him ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ right now, and he’s really enjoying it.), and I’m just going to go simple with the little guys stuff. (Stickers! Which they will actually enjoy much  more than a more expensive gift.)

I’ve given up trying to surprise Mom- it’s really for me to figure out what she wants  for Christmas, despite the fact that she is the person who birthed me- so will probably get her a book she requested, and take her out on a nice Mother-Daughter date.

And Dad- I don’t think he reads this blog, but just in case I’m not telling!

My Maternal Grandparents are coming in January, so I will give them their presents then.

I have a few presents to slip into boxes, but I think mostly I’ll just ‘cheat’ and sign my name on every one’s card, (thanks mom and dad!) and write a letter.

And the perfect thing to end this post on:

12 thoughts on “Almost Christmas. And other things- like tea.

  1. Well of course I need more friends. I am unsocialized homeschooler after all…
    But thank you for your concern. It is much appreciated.

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